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Trip To Ancient Villages Hongcun & Xidi

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When travel to Anhui Province, there is the most famous site of Mount Huangshan within the Mount Huangshan Scenic Spot, also there are two beautiful ancient villages in the scenic area. Hongcun and Xidi Village are two beautiful ancient villages with long histories from Yi County, Anhui Province. These two villages, included on the UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List, are two of the most outstanding representatives of ancient folk houses of Hui-style. They have gained their world-wide reputation by their idyllic pastoral scenery, well-preserved village form and layout, exquisite Hui-style houses and rich cultural connotation.


Hongcun is situated in the south of Mount Huangshan and northwest of Yi County. It is only 11 kilometers away from Yi County center. At first, it was known to people because of the famous movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Now, it is well-known because of its beautiful scenery, cultural values and exquisite houses.

Hongcun was constructed in North Song Dynasty and has a history of about 1,000 years now. This is an unique laid village as it was built into the shape of a grand ox. The village looks like a running ox for a general shape and it has been considered as a wonder in architecture. The nearby Leigang Hill regard as the head of the ox, the ancient maidenhair tree and red polar standing in the village as the two horns. While there are four bridges that lies across the streams are considered as the four legs and those featured folk houses are regarded as the body of the ox. With Moon Pond as the stomach, those streams and ditches among the village as the intestine and the South Lake as the belly.

There are more than 140 well-preserved buildings in Hongcun, among mostly are folk houses and private gardens, there are also public buildings like academies and ancestral temples. Buildings in Hongcun are characterized with Hui-styled features. They pay highly attention to decorations and carvings, there are delicate and exquisite wooden carvings, brick carvings and stone carvings lay in the houses. Houses are well-layout in unique order to intersect with the beautiful and pleasant landscapes of lakes and streams, making Hongcun a vivid ink painting.

Xidi Village

Ancient Xidi Village is about 40 kilometers away from the scenic spot of Mount Huangshan. Xidi Village was constructed in North Song Dynasty and now it has a history of about 950 years. The whole village is in a boat shape surrounded by mountains. There are two main streams in the village, and houses were built alongside the two streams. Bluestones paved in the floor, wood and bricks as the supporting material, people can find exquisite and colorful carvings of wooden, brick and stone in these buildings with different images. Alleys and buildings are well-proportioned to get a flexible space. Colors of the building are simple and elegant, getting a pleasant and friendly environment.

Green mountains and clear streams, casual ponds and paddy fields, bluestones and delicate carvings, artistic buildings and light colors, thick cultures and pure customs, as the prominent Hui-styled architecture, the picturesque Xidi Village has been a hot destination for architects, sculptors, industrial artists and painters for the pursuit of its beauty and inspirations for their artworks.

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