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Trip to Mount Qingcheng

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Mount Qingcheng is located in the west of Chengdu. It takes us one hour to get there by car. The scenic spot is the center and one of the birthplaces for Taoism which greatly influenced its believers. The doctrine of Taoism believes that all things have spirit.

The mountain has over 30 peaks, dozens of huge and small caverns, and more than one hundred scenic spot. It was been listed into the World Cultural Heritage. As a proverb goes, “Seeing is believing.” We really saw how beautiful the mountain was. The tour guide told us Qingcheng means green city literally. There are thick green vegetations, it is known for its sequestered surroundings. I was so surprised and couldn’t find out the appropriate words applicable to describe the natural beauty. It was really beyond my description.

We got here almost at noon. After lunch, we started our hiking. Jianfu temple is the first scenic we visited which situated at the entrance of the mountain. It can be dated back to Tang Dynasty and renamed many times in history. There are three Halls in honor of the gods and founders. The first one is called Changsheng Hall with a statue of Fan Changsheng. And the second one is called Zhangren Hall in which NingFeng sits in the middle. The guide told us a legend about NingFeng who has vast magic power. He could fly up into the sky and get down under the ground, even go through the fire and water. He helped the Emperor Huang unite the country. After that, the emperor bestowed him a great title: Wuyue Zhangren which means he was the leader who took over and controlled the five famous mountains in China. The third Hall has three statues, namely Lao Zi, Donghua Dijun and Wang Chongyang. Laozi has brought a long and lasting influence in history as the founder of Taoism as far as I know. The guide expounded his views about the Hall in a slow and ponderous voice.

When the sun set, we had dinner in a Sichuan cuisine restaurant which was really an authentic one with all tasted good. We also ordered several bottles of excellent wine. After dinner, we chatted for a while. All of us went to bed and fell asleep soon because of the tiredness from the journey.

The next two days, we viewed Tianshi temple and other scenic spots. I was touched by those zigzag paths, slightly fragrant wild flowers, growing green and big woods, cheerful sounds of birds and leisurely flowing clear streams. There are some small pavilions which look primitive standing along the path. We relaxed ourselves and appreciated the barked roof and wooden structure, reminds me of my memories of the childhood. We fully experienced the scenes of the mountain, and I cannot describe them fully and exactly. But it’s a pleasure and we will revisit it in the near future.

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