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True Beauty of Kangding County

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Kangding County is located in the western side of Sichuan province in China. It is a small mountain city that is at height of two thousand six hundred meters above sea level. It provides a great welcoming relief to travellers from overcrowded and polluted metros in Sichuan plain. The significant nationalities in Kangding County are Tibetan and Han. This place is also known by the names Lucheng Township or Dartsedo. It approximately corresponds to old Chakla Kingdom that was governed from Kangding city by ChaklaGyelpo. Kangding City is Ganzi’s capital. The county has Minyak area of Tibetan plateau and also a very steep gorge that is formed by tributaries of Yakra-chu and Cheto-chu of Dadu River.

Cultural Influence of Tibet Traditions

The Kangding city is popular in the county for several reasons. The place is filled significantly with Tibetan presence as well as Han Chinese ethically. The lama regional temple, restaurants, and shops prove their presence to great extent. For several centuries, Kangding city has been one perfect meeting spot of various cultures. So, it has been recognized as home tribute to Tea Horse Road. This city is like a final outpost before dense Tibetan mountains. It passes of highway connecting Chengdu and Lhasa.

The scenery of alpine peaks nearby down Dadu River is very spectacular one. During summer, there are lot of opportunities for the outdoor activities in Kangding. Travellers mainly concentrate on hiking as well as biking. There are hot springs that are authentic. One cable car service is available in Kangding that can take visitors up the mountain side. During winter, the climate is very cold. Most prefer do not prefer to visit during winter.

Main Attractions

There are certain must see spots in Kangding. They are Anjue Temple, Mosque in Kangding city centre, Jinggang Temple, Paoma Mountain, and Roman Catholic Church in Kangding city centre, Yak Bridge, Old Town Spring, Namo Temple, Town Square and more. Mugecuop is a national park that contains forest, hot springs, lakes, mountains, Tibetan and Buddhist rock paintings, hikes, grasslands, etc. Even though rate for entry is bit high, it is always worth due to the beautiful and breathtaking views.

There are several shops in Kangding. ATMs of main banks of China offer great services to travellers. Therefore shopping is easily possible. One can get Tibetan jewellery, artwork, accessories, silverware, clothing, religious stuffs, and more. It has to be noted that many ATMs won’t accept the international credit cards.

Traveling in and out of Kangding County

There are bus services from Tagong, Chengdu and Litang at regular intervals. One can also hire shared or private minivans outside bus station. There is an airport in Kangding and is ranked as the highest one in entire Asian continent and all around the globe. It is approximately four thousand meters high above the sea level. Flights are available to Chengdu. During winter, flight services aren’t available. This airport is located nearly thirty kilometres away from Kangding city and is over a big mountain pass that takes more time to reach. Taxis are also available. It starts at rate of five Yuan. Walking is the best choice to explore the entire city. Hotels and inns offer wonderful accommodation services.Planning a trip to Kangding County is as if you are getting liberated!

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