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Truly Magic Sugan Lake in Qinghai

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Located in the northwest part of broad Haizi prairies in the Akshay County, Sugan Lake was divided into two lakes including the big Sugan Lake and small Sugan Lake. Haizi prairie is one basin prairie with the magnificent natural landscape. The grass is so tall that over the horseback. And the lightness and freshness and intoxication of the gentle air blowing here and there, the whole prairie just looks like the blue waves boiling up past the ground.

The beautiful scenery can be described as "Under boundless sky, on the vast plains, cows and sheep can be seen when the wind blows and grass lowers." The big and small Sugan Lake both lay flat on the vast prairie. It's just framed like a pair of the fairies' eyes in its beautiful setting of the prairie's charming countenance. It is as beautiful as the fairyland in the world that boasts a thousand and one fabulous scenes.

Sugan Lake is located at the southern foot of the famous A-erh-chin Mountain. Its total area accounts for 119.6 square kilometers. It's the biggest inland lake in the Gansu Province. The good climate and fertile soil are home to many exquisitely colored and unique birds, while a veritable flurry of species occurs throughout the Sugan Lake, including white swan, trapping and proud-mannered wild geese, black-necked crane, yellow duck, green-winged duck, skylark and many more.

It was authorized to be provincial-level native scenery and migrating birds’ protection area in 1982. In recent years, the number of many birds migrating to Sugan Lake was increasing by a big margin. Sugan Lake could be described as the Bird Island of Gansu. The local government had built numerous infrastructure constructions that assemble lodgings, entertainment and reception into one whole. It has become known as the tourist resort that will give visitors unlimited imagination.

Sugan Lake belongs to an intermountain fault basin, the altitude of about 2700-2800 meters above sea level. The lake is fed by the accumulation of many surface waters from the Haerteng Valley. Virtually the surface terrestrial water first flows into the small Sugan Lake, and then flows into the large Sugan Lake. As a result, the small Sugan Lake is one freshwater lake while the large Sugan Lake is saltwater lake.

The summer and fall seasons every year are the best and most beautiful time in the Sugan Lake. It's covered by the green grass on the shore of Sugan Lake. The horses wallowed in the rank grass of Haizi prairie. Here visitors could see various interesting customs such as "girls’ chase" which is a game where girls on horseback will chase after boys also on horseback.

A flock of bounding sheep is grazing on the grassland. The spacious neighboring yurts in a white palace style was comfortably furnished a warm and cozy ambience, the air fresh and sweet and mare's milk sending off fragrance. Here visitors could hear them singing and dancing merrily. About 25 kinds thirty thousands of migrating birds including white swan, skylark etc, were flying high up in the air in large packs.

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