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Tuotuo River of Beauty and Imagination

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The just source of Yangtze River is the Tuotuo River. The melting of ice and snow from the Jianggendiru Snow Mountains slope fretted a small stream through the soft earth along the mountain foot. The end of the glacier rises over 5,500 meters above sea-level. Many rivers that come together finally form the wide channel mingled with water currents.

The Tuotuo River belongs to the upstream drainage basin of the Yangtze River, which is a typical upstream region of the Yangtze River with landscape attractions and primeval ecological tourism attractions. The miraculous source of the Yangtze River erects a mysterious monument that retained in the universal heart. These huge snowy mountains appear not only grand, glorious and cloud-kissing but also more boundless by leaning upon the wandering mountains.

Up on the snow mountains group, you have left the heat of the Gobi far behind, yet the cool sense of the snowcapped mountains greets you as fresh as an autumn breeze. The banks of the Tuotuo River are filled with far-stretching mountains, lofty icy peaks and the trickling waters slowly flowing over the plains. When you come to the source of the Yangtze River, a gorgeous landscape unfolded before the tourists. And the magnificent landscape totally captivates all of the visitors with its stunning scenery, spotlessly clean surroundings and a carpet of lush green vegetation.

A bird's-eye view of the whole Tuotuo River region must then have offered one vast expanse of woods. The nature has created a perfect tourist resource as "blue sky and white cloud, the pure running stream and clearing water" for human beings and become the source of hedonic. The patches of blue sky above the snowy peaks reflect the shadow of some clouds. The Tuotuo River's beauty is ever fast-changing but never fails to entice and entrance.

The source of Yangtze River overflows with resources of every kind. The large crystals up to some feet built for magnificent palace originate from the ice-capped peaks at 6000 meters above sea level. When visiting the Tuotuo River, apart from the enthralling sight, what most attract you should be tourist attractions and mineral resources. It had sweeping grasslands and an immense plain patched with a thousand sorts of marvelous flowers and rare plants.

The landscape of these snowy mountains also has a special charm, created by the way the light is reflected off the clear crystal water of the lakes or the high peaks with their mantles of everlasting snows. It's also a paradise full of exotic flowers and rare plants in the prairie, and there're equally many rare animals like snow leopards, wild donkeys and many more.

For the convenience of the passenger to look at the sights of the source of the Yangtze River, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway specially constructed sightseeing platform at the station. The foundation of the railway should also offer a historical chance for the development of tourism resources along the railway. And the Tuotuo River without doubt has been famous scenic spot with an enormous appeal. 

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