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Two Day Suzhou Trip

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After putting down our luggage in the hotel room, we headed to the Suzhou Museum. The museum is only a few meters away from the Humble Administrator's Garden, which is also a very renowned tourism attraction of Suzhou.

Suzhou Museum is designed by I. M. Pei. The design absorbed lots of elements of Suzhou architectural style.

The day we went was raining and during weekday, thus there were not many people. After the museum, we walk along the street selling souvenirs and got to the Humble Administrator's Garden.

We spent two hours there. The garden is gorgeous. It really lives up to its name as the classic of Suzhou gardens.

Although it was already early autumn, the lotus leaves were still green. I believed the garden during mid summer should be even more vigorous and beautiful.

I like the corridor without people walking. By staring at it, I tried to imagine the scene several hundred years ago when people were living there.

Many people recommended Zhu Hong Xing noodle restaurant to us. In the evening, by the time we went there, the noodles and refreshments have already sold out, only fried dishes left. In order to try the noodle, we decided to come again the next day morning.

On our way back to the hotel, we ran into another restaurant Ya Ba Sheng Jian. The fried bums were so juicy and meaty. We liked it a lot.

Guanqian Street is a renowned place for snacks in Suzhou. We brought these pieces of tofu for late night snack. They tasted very good.

Pingjiang Road is a nice place for buying local specialties.

The next day morning, we came back to Zhu Hong Xing noodle restaurant. I ordered this noodle with rib and fried fish. It was yummy.

Suzhou University is our next stop for the day. The buildings in the campus are preserved from the old days. Walls made of red and stone bricks are climbed by vines.

Later on, we went to Huqiu Tower, which is a famous tilted tower. It was much shorter than Pisa though. 

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