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Unexplored Hotspots of China

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There are some beautiful places on earth where nobody has yet visited. China too has its unseen side, from the due unexplored Middle China where jungles that are covered with vegetation and foliage to the renowned historic cities and towns are the classic examples. The undiscovered wildness of the Minshun Mountains to the giant pandas are the star of the trip. Being the third most visited country in the world, China has its own unseen side, waiting to be explored by adventurous minds.

Nature's Odyssey

Bored of the concrete jungle, China has a lot to offer from nature. The 5 Sacred Mountains proved to be an antiquity of China. The snow covered mountains and valleys are known for its graceful pines, unusual rocks, cloud seas and hot springs. The 'Fairy Valley" in Sichuan in the north, which is 40km through snow-covered mountains, lakes and waterfalls are worth a visit. China has many spectacular lakes. The Tianchi or 'Heavenly Pool' is a 105M deep crystal clear lake with high mountains surrounding it, carpeted with green grass and colorful flowers. It seems rugged but majestic.

Curator of the Oldest Civilization

China's long history has left many cultural relics. A prime example of the historic significance is the Terracotta Army at Xi'an. The Mogao caves also known as 'treasure house of oriental art.' We can also have a glance at the well preserved ancient cities that includes Pingyao which was a major city during Neolithic era. Built in the 'Song Dynasty' the country has many stone bridges, stone memorial arches and also provides precious materials for ancient architectural history to the world.

Fun Vacation

Be it enjoying a sunset at Sanya Bay or the view of Shanghai city at night, China offers a wonderful vacation. It also shows us the great array of traditions and candid image of customs. Hainan Island often referred as "Hawaii of the East" or "Hawaii of the orient." It hosts most of China's tropical resorts and cultural villages. Although English is becoming popular in China, not most of them know it. The "March Street" is a custom followed by the Bai people in Dali which has now become a major annual gathering. They burn incense and commemorate their virtues. The Water-sprinkling festival is also famous.

Tourist Service

The first development of China's transportation and infrastructure provides wide range travel for domestic and overseas tourists. It also has many hotels and restaurants that has been constructed and renovated to match the demands of the tourists.It has now become a major tourist destination with people flocking to the cities and towns. Nature enthusiasts enjoy in the company of mother earth and animals. China has a lot to offer to the adventurous mind. The unseen wild side of it is absolutely amazing and totally worth of the visit.A visit to these fabulous locations and participation in the cultural festival activities definitely going to stay with you as an ever cherishing experience in life forever!

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