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Unforgettable Travel in Shenguang Mountain in Meizhou City

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First we walked to the bus station, waiting in line with excitement because it’s a long time until we meet together again this time. We talked a lot about our past time during the middle school. Soon the bus came and we got on it. At the bottom of the Mountain, there was a strawberry garden. We went there and picked up lots of fresh and ripe strawberries which are really cheap but delicious. They are in a variety of shapes. Some of them looked like apples; some are like two sweet hearts leading together and so on. We were immersed into the sweet smell filled in the strawberry greenhouse.

After the short wistful stay in the strawberry greenhouse, we straightly went to climb the Shenguang Mountain. In fact, there are three ways to the top and we chose the one full of challenges. On the mountain are so many traditional temples which are the symbols of the local culture and religion. You can pray to Buddha with joss sticks and candles. The people from all over the country always come here to pray to Buddha for good luck, for a good job, for marriage, for baby, for study and so on. It’s said that people’s dream will come true soon after praying here. We are too young to use the joss sticks and candles, so we just visit around with a sincere heart.

Facing a very long and slant stairway, we marched to the top of the Mountain as usual. It’s really long and inclined with the green and lush trees. We were all out of breath but enjoyed ourselves all the way. Peter is the first one who reached the top. He was laughing happily. We yelled on the top as if we were crazy, our voice echoed between the mountains. There is a basketball playground, which made the boys excited and they joined the basketball game joyfully. Then, we began our barbequed by ourselves outdoors. We cut the meat and vegetables in our backpacks chatting happily together with jokes. “Are there anything more fantastic?” I thought at that moment. After barbeque, we went down the mountain, exploring the along the mysterious mountainside. But we find it more difficult to go down the mountain because it’s really inclined.

After we back to the bottom, we hugged and said goodbye to each other. We were not sure when we will meet again, but our friendship will last forever. Shenguang Mountain is very gorgeous and worth to visit. We want to go there again if we have time if the future. 

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