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Unique Wozhou Lake Scenic Spot

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Wozhou Lake scenic resort is located 12 kilometers to the southeast of Xinchang County town in Zhejiang province. Wozhou Lake was given that name because of Wozhou Mountain. The surface of the lake accounts for 8.18 square kilometers, which was the national water conservancy scenic spot and provincial-level scenery spot.

The majestic and steep Wozhou Lake Dam was with 70 meters in height and about 211 meters in total length. Originally it was the trickling waters. Once there's the unequal rainwater, the masses around Xinchang district would suffer all kinds of drought and flood. Since the dam was completed in 1978, the dam had greatly reduced the flood loss along the river.

Since the late 1980s people had built five cascade hydroelectric power stations. And the Wozhou Lake Dam nowadays had gathered flood control, irrigation, power generation, aquaculture and tourism merging into one organic whole. Fulfillment of the dam is also the sweet and important passage of Chinese water conservancy history.

The Zhenjun Temple on the shore of Wozhou Lake could be a busy and crowded place of worship for Buddhists. Whenever there're folklore artist performances in the temple fairs. The temple could convey an exciting and bustling atmosphere. The sculptural carved dragons coiling in the middle of the temple were extremely lifelike that were unsurpassed in the country.

The most noteworthy discovery was the immovable stone column of coiling dragon that was carved by eight immortals crossing the sea, which had the vivid depiction of figures. The Water Curtain Cave in northeastern part of Wozhou Lake was the outstanding scenic spots of quiet beauty, both beautiful and amazing. The constructions of Zhenjun Temple had a unique flavor, with very elaborate wood carvings, brick carvings and exquisite works of stone carvings. Especially the coiling dragon in stone looks more attractive.

Go through Yunv Peak and go shortage one hundred meters, there's one small island named Fanghefeng that was a striking resemblance to the saddle. The island was as if being positioned on the large transparent grass because the water was level and easy and soft blue. The island was the spot where the Buddhist expert Zhedaoling released the crane.

The faraway mountains and nearby water were filmed over. Vast expanses of water are slightly wrinkled in the winds and extended to the distant horizon. The water and sky are pure and clear. From the point of view of travelers, thirty-six crossings allowed them to climb up the peak and dabble about in shallow lake to experience the carefree and lively atmosphere on these mountains, which had a certain bizarre interest.

As a result, it could form a pleasing sight line in scenic resort and historic site of Wozhou Lake. As early as in the Tang Dynasty, there was the poet passed through the Qingliang Temple on the road and reached Wannian Mountain. In order to cross the creeks and rivers, the honest mountaineers just moved the huge smooth stones and placed them above the stream. The stream might be broad or narrow, deep or shallow. 

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