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Unveil the Modern History and Culture of Chongqing Part 2

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Party like the Republican Era in China


Travel Back in Time

Put on your best Qipao and Cheongsam with the classic song Shanghai Nights playing in the background make your way into the ancient manors and into the 1930s upper society parties. The latest trend to take over Chongqing is the Republican Era themed parties. The size of the parties can range from 10 people to hundreds who gather together to travel back in time together to reminisce of the classic period of elegance and prosperity of the 1930s. 


Chongqing Jiaotong Teahouse


Taste the Retro Charm of the Old Teahouse

Enter the Jiaotong Teahouse and be surprised by the traditional and historical architecture of the teahouse. The teahouse has been preserved in its original form and has not been modernized or changed to fit in with the modern city life. This is what makes Jiaotong Teahouse unique and different from the modern teahouses of Chongqing. Every day the teahouse is filled with the older generation who enjoy meeting up with friends to chat and have a game of cards or chess while they sip on their tea. You can also hear the myna birds in their bamboo cages chirping away to each other in the background. A trip to Jiaotong Teahouse is definitely worth your time especially for those who want to experience the traditional culture of the teahouses. 


Historical Consulates of Chongqing


Discover the Architecture of Europe

As the military base and capital of China during WWII Chongqing has many old sites of consulates and foreign affairs institutions. Tour the historical consulates and discover the history behind the significance of its existence and the intricate details of its architectures. Behind every wall and window of the consulates was a decision that could change the direction of WWII. Consulates located in the Southern Mountain Consulate Area are: Russia, Spain and India. The former French consulate is located in the Southern Mountain Botanical Garden and costs 20 Yuan to enter. The German and British Consulate are located at the foot of Wenfeng Pagoda which can be entered for free. 


China's Black Chamber

Join the Battle of the Spies

Chongqing was once the center of the mysterious spy missions with rivals trying to infiltrate and decode messages of the Japanese. The story behind the Black Chamber was made famous by a Chinese author in his book Fengyu which is a fictional novel based upon the stories of Chinese spies and their mission to uncover the secrets and help the Chinese government to win the battle against the Japanese. In modern day Chongqing the younger geneneration like to gather together and hold their own Black Chamber mission themed parties. 


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