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Various Delicious Snacks and Flavors at Tianjin

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When mentioning Tianjin, maybe the first idea comes to people’s mind is not the Tianjin Eye, or the Italian Town, but might be Goubuli Steamed Stuffed Bun and Fried Dough Twist. Yes, there are not only many beautiful and interesting attractions to provide a feast for your eyes, also Tianjin has a lot of delicious local snacks and flavors to satisfy your stomach.

Tianjin snacks have gained wide popularity all over China. No one would resist the temptation of those special flavored local snacks when travel to Tianjin. Now here let’s have a look at those welcomed native snacks at Tianjin.

Goubuli Steamed Stuffed Bun (Goubuli Baozi)
Goubuli steamed stuffed bun is one of the famous local specialty of Tianjin that has a long history and is considered as one of the representatives of Tianjin culture. Served at wooden boxes, made with fermented flour with juicy fillings in the shape of delicate chrysanthemums, Goubuli stuffed buns are quite soft, fragrant and fresh to eat. Taking Goubuli stuffed buns as breakfast has been one of the traditions in Tianjin.

Fried Dough Twists (Mahua)

Fired dough twist has always been a favorite for local Tianjin people and tourists travel there. Stuffed with tasty fillings like bean paste, bars of dough are fried in peanut oil to get an appetizing golden color with the taste of aromatic, sweet and crisp. Fired dough twists could be preserved for several months, so many people get fried dough twists as gifts for family and friends.

Ear-Hole Fried Cake(耳朵眼炸糕)

Ear-Hole Fried Cake is another famous traditional snack at Tianjin. The name may seem a little strange, but these glutinous rice cakes are actually favorable sweet snacks that are quite welcomed for people who have sweet tooth. Made with leavened glutinous rice dough with sweet bean paste filling, Ear-Hole fried cakes have crunchy and golden outside, soft and tender inside.

Guobacai is a kind of food with strong local Tianjin flavors. Guobacai is actually a type of pancake made of millet and mung bean flour. When the pancake is sliced into the shape of willow leaves, it is cooked in the sauce adding sesame oil, soy sauce, preserved bean curd, coriander, chilly and other seasonings to get an appetizing color and mixed flavor. When Guobacai is served with a bowl of soy bean and fried dough twists, this is where Tianjin people start a fresh day.

And there are many other traditional local snacks that are also very popular among people, like Chatang(茶汤), Jian Bing Guo Zi (煎饼果子), Tangdui, Bo Bo Chicken, Gaogan(糕干), Huoshao(火烧) and so on.

After the introduction of these delicious local flavors at Tianjin, you may want to know where to eat these snacks. Usually Nanshi Food Street is the first choice, where there are about 100 restaurants that serve authentic local snacks, Tianjin cuisine, major Chinese cuisines, Muslim cuisine, vegetarian diet and western food. Also, people can go to Heping Food Street and October Food Street, where also provide various local Tianjin snacks and food.

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