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Venturing into the Colorful Xishuangbanna!

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Located in the wonderful magical Yunnan, Xishuangbanna is a culturally diverse location. With its tropical climate and unique cultural background you will be surprised by what Xishuangbanna has to offer! Upon arriving to this tropical paradise it gives off the vibes of Burma and Laos, then again it does neighbor both countries so no wonder there are similarities! What really distinguishes Xishuangbanna from other tourist destinations in China is its infusion of the South East.

The tropical climate and air can be felt once stepping out of the airport on arrival. Be prepared to enter into a tropical utopia! Xishuangbanna is home to some of the rarest plant species and wildlife. Here you can experience the real village life of the Dai ethnic minorities, by visiting the villages you can learn about the Dai culture and get to know their daily life routines. If you happen to visit Xishuangbanna in April then you have made it just in time for the Water Splashing festival where you can join in on one of the most important celebratory days of the Dai ethnic group.

For a astounding exotic experience you must see the Wild Elephant Valley that is part of the Menyang Reserve. You can see the elephants in their natural habitats and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the great outdoors from the different viewing platforms in the reserves or even from some of the tree houses. Apart from elephants in the reserve there are also other wildlife you can spot in the park. You can also check out the exciting elephant performance in the reserve where the elephants are colorfully decorated and are led by the keepers and perform some of the most stunning routines.

Expect to have an unbelievable experience at this little tropical wonderland, with the amount of cultural highlights and tropical sights you definitely will have a once in a lifetime experience!

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