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Visions of Another Dimension Museum

 2014-07-13    sonrisabai    Entertainment    Shenyang    1562  

How I discover Visions of Another Dimension Museum is completely by accident. I was surfing the internet the other day, checking some interesting posts or pictures. Then some 3D pictures just grabbed all my attention. The photos were so well shot and the person in it just looked like they were in another world. Handshakes with figures in paintings, tails-grabbing on the line, just like it was really happening. I was thinking, what is this magical place? How come I did not know?

Then I started looking for the place like crazy online, just when I was about to lose patience, I got the name-Visions of Another Dimension Museum. First I wan’t pretty sure about the name, for me it more seemed like just another house about some scary stuff of ghosts for 3 year olds. But when I opened its official website,tons of cool pictures jumped into my eyes, that was it!

Visions of Another Dimension Museum is located in ShenYang, the capital city of Liaoning province. It is a museum filled with 3D paintings, by famous contemporary painter from South Korea. The paintings have been once exhibited in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and other countries and are regarded as “Best Place for Stress-releasing Leisure Place”.

Every painting is with novel creativity, skillful construction and unique brushwork.The settings in the painting seem exist between real and virtual worlds, peoples and animals looking like they could walk out from the painting any minute, all challenging people’s senses and bringing massive visual impacts to visitors.

It is not as fancy as some other great tourist attractions, but it definitely worth looking, especially when you want to experience something new, funny and exciting. Just grab your camera and loads of fun are waiting for you. There are 6 parts in Visions of Another Dimension Museum which are Famous Painting Spoofs, Mirror Illusions, Dislocated Life, Delusion Experiencing Zone, Close to Animals Area, Imaginary Experiencing Zone.

Visitors could watch, touch or experience the painting, sinking in the wonderful world of creative photographs. What I like here most is their warm and kind stuff. Don’t have much knowledge of taking a great picture? What is the best angel? No worries. Just ask them. They would try their best to help you. Every painting is worth a shot.

In Famous Painting Spoofs Zone, there is a painting of a colorful ladder reaching up to the sky, which reminds me of the best-seller novel, the five people you meet in heaven. I wonder what I would see if I could really go up with that ladder. The Starry Night of Van Gogh is here as well,it looks very real. You could go into the painting and reach out for stars. They also have other great paintings like The Girl With a Pearl Earring, A Walk under the Rain in Paris, Munch's masterpiece The Scream, The Birth of Christ by Botticell, etc. This is definitely the favorite zone for girls, full of romance and lovely stuff.

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