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Visit Mountain Everest –The masterpiece of the earth

 2013-11-08    Sylvia Lai    Sights    Shigatse    3142  

Have you ever think about you can visit the highest mountain in the world one day? You may say that’s impossible. Climbing Mountain Everest is the thing of mountaineers or explorers. How our common people can have a look at the most wonderful masterpiece of the world’s highest mountain—Mountain Everest (Mt. Everest)? Today I’ll introduce the details of visiting Mt. Everest to realize your heroic dream.
Mt. Everest is the world's highest Snow-capped mountains. It is located in the Himalayas, run along the southwestern border of China. Of all the peaks, Mt. Everest is the highest and most famous which at an altitude of 8848 meters .In Tibetan Language, Mt. Everest means " Goddess the Third " .

Mt. Everest shaped like a huge Pyramid and full of power and grandeur, attracting lot of people want to conquer her to realize their dreams. But do you know it also famous for its incomparable scenery for travellers? Today there are a lot of travelling corporation can have service to take you to the Mt. Everest. You can appreciate the pure snow, huge and towering with clouds encircle around the top of the mountain. The shape of clouds in Mt Everest is changing different from time to time. Sometimes like a flag; Sometimes likes a choppy waves; but suddenly become alluringly rising smoke; it can also change into fast running horse; a while as gently fluttering veil. With all of this form beautiful and spectacular scenery, make mountain Everest is a natural wonders of the world.
But how get to Mountain Everest? As the Mountain Everest is becoming famous scenery. From the territory of China into Mt. Everest the route is from Lhasa to drive along China-Nepal highway via Jiangzi, Shigatse and Xegar, with a total of 670 kilometers, the trip needs about two days, and drive along the road to the south, after driving 110 km to the Rongbuk glacier terminal - Rongbuk temple (The highest altitude temple of 5145 meters above sea level).

After you have route line to go to Mountain Everest. If you feel tried and want to have a rest, you can go to Everest base camp which located in the south of Rongbuk temple. The hotel is surrounded by a group of tents. Everest base Camp, refers to the set up to protect the Everest core environmental protection zone, which serves as a resting area and base of operations for climbers organizing their attempts for the summit. Everest base camp is mainly to provide tourist accommodation of tents to have a rest place of visiting Mt. Everest.
Doesn’t an exciting experience when you living in the foot of the world’s highest mountain, have plenty of time to appreciate the masterpiece shaped by the earth? You can fully appreciate a grand view of Mt. Everest. Moreover, when the night is coming, you can watch the most romantic starry sky at the top of the earth. The whole world is peaceful and you will feel you have never so close to the star.
If you want to have a special place, you may have a try to visit the world’s highest mountain. Then you’ll certainly have a life-time unforgettable experience!


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