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Visit Wuzhen Water Town

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There goes a local saying “a land flowing with milk and honey, House of Silk”. Do you know which place does it refer to? Yep, that is Wuzhen Water Town. Today we are going to experience its innate beauty, after all, seeing is believing.

Wuzhen Water Town, located in the northern part of Tongxiang city, is very close to Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai. With a history of more than 6000 years, Wuzhen Water Town is a truly ancient town in China, welcoming countless tourists around the world every year. It boasts for elegant scenery of water and bridges, yummy local food, exciting folk festival, harmonious lifestyle etc. After a whole year’s hard work, taking a tour to Wuzheng Water Town is a perfect way for you to get rid of bustle and hustle.

As its name implies, Wuzhen Water Town is constructed along the clear river. The sky is azure blue, the water is flowing and clear, and the time-honored buildings on both banks are filled with elegant Chinese feelings. Standing in distance, the sky, the water and the buildings just constitute a beautiful scenery line. There are many attractions in Wuzhen Water Town and the following two ones are favored by most tourists, especially those from Europe. Let is go and have a look.

Bridge in Bridge

Bridge in bridge is actually formed by two ancient bridges, namely Tongji Bridge and Renji Bridge. Tongji Bridge is constructed over the river from east to west, while the Renji Bridge is south to north. Interestingly, the two bridges join each other at one end and create a magnificent scene like “Bridge in Bridge”, leaving great impression to the tourists. Since the bridges were built in history, they have undergone several times of rebuilt. The delicate design and old-fashioned appearance reveal the remarkable history of the bridges.

Fanglu Pavilion

Fanglu Pavilion looks normal like the other scenic spots in Wuzhen Water Town. However, when you get to know the story behind it, you can not help visiting it again. Fanglu Pavilion gains it name from a historical story about Lu Tong and Lu Yu. Lu Yun is the famous Patron Saint of Tea and the Lu Tong is the owner. Once Lu Yu was accidentally poisoned by special leaves and Lu Tong saved his life. Later Lu Yu taught Lu Tong how to make perfect tea and made his teahouse much more prosperous. That is the origin of Fanglu Pavilion. Nowadays, Fanglu Pavilion is widely known as the best teahouse in Wuzhen Water Town, providing its tourists with fragrant tea. After a whole day’s sightseeing, tourists can have a short rest in the pavilion, order a pot of hot tea and embrace the quietness and natural beauty of this town.

Travel tips: though Wuzhen Water Town is a time-honored resort, the transportation is quite convenient here. Buses are available among Wuzhen Water Town, Shanghai, Suzhou and Ningbo. During peak travel season, Wuzhen Water Town will be crowd and we recommend the tourists to book hotels and air tickets in advance.

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