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Visiting Ruins of St.Paul's in Macau

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When it comes to traveling in Macau, you can visit many nice places. Normally you might want to come to a place that speaks for this amazing city the Ruins of St .Paul's. The name of Ruins of St. Paul, is short for Ruinas da Antiga Catedral de S. Paulo, originated from the Portuguese “S?o Paulo”. Located in Paotai mountain of Macau, one of the two Special Administrative Regions of China.


I have heard people in Macau are kind, nice and hospitable. If you l were lost on the street, feel free to ask someone from the local and they would always try their very best to help you. As the most renowned historical relics, the front gate of the Saint Paul cathedral firstly built in the year of 1580.  It witnessed good and worse of the city. When Portuguese invaded Macau in 400 years ago, they also brought Catholicism. A missionary called Matteo Ricci presented a map of ten thousands countries to the Chinese government, with notes in Chinese.

Designed by a priest from Italia and built by exquisite Japanese architecture technique, the look of Ruins of St.Paul is a perfect mix of European Renaissance Period and Oriental architectural style.The Ruins of St. Paul is about 27 meters high, with 23.5 meters in width, and five layers in total. On the top stands a cross with bronze pigeon symbolizing the holy spirit, wrapped with the sun, the moon and stars.

Under the pigeon, there is a holy child, with statue of the Eternal Fire on the top left and carvings of Tree of Life on the top right. When it comes to the third layer, a statue of Virgin Mary is sitting right in the middle, with peony and chrysanthemum around, one symbolizing for China, the other for Japan. It is such a great work of art, beautiful statues and carvings are all over it.The beauty of the Ruins of St. Paul is way beyond words, the perfect thing to do is stand in front of it, admiring it and taking it all in.Too bad we don’t have a chance to see it’s original look, the look before it was damaged by two huge fires. Must be awesome.

Walking along the Ruins of St.Paul from the right, there is a small 50-meters long street with a romantic name-the Lovers Alley. The name is from Portuguese “Travessa da Paix?o”, “travessa” means encounter and “Paix?o” means crush and affection. With a history of more than 80 years, it has become a popular hang-out place for lovers. It is also a great spot for movie-shooting. Rumors has it that whoever passes by the Lovers alley would fall in love very soon.The buildings on both sides are all built with European style, taking a walk inside the valley would give you this illusion you are in some small town in Europe.

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