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Wahei Luohuo Plateau-Primitive Beauty

 2014-09-25    sonrisabai    Sights    Leshan    1222  

You might have visited a lot nice places in Sichuan province, but chances are great you might have no idea about the place what I am going to tell you- the Wahei Luoyu plateau. Strange name it seems, because the word “Wahei Luoyu” comes from the Yi language(one of the 56 ethnic minorities of China), means the highest land. It is about 4000 meters about the sea level, located in the border between Yi nationality autonomous region and Wanping county in Leshan city. Currently it is undeveloped area, full of mystery and wonder.

What can you do in here? For starters, you can get to watch the Minya Konka snow mountain from northwest direction. Minya Konka is located in the southern part of Sichuan province, also knows as The King of Mountains. Actually it’e more like snow mountain groups, with over 45 mountains in the area. Looking it from afar, that’s another way of beauty. Just hoping one day I could go near and explore it more.

The next is the sea of clouds. Thanks to the height of Wahei Luoyu, here you can get the best clouds-seeing experience. Close your eyes for a few seconds then open them, you might have this delusion you are somewhere on the plane and just looking down at the ground but the beautiful thick clouds get in your way. With white marshmallows stretch for miles, I wonder how it feels like to walk on clouds, like those fairies and immortals from traditional Chinese folks story. If that can ever come true, I might need to long white robe as well. Enough for daydreaming.

There is grass meadow from 3,200 meters to 4,000 meters, with slight slope, perfect for a nice wandering. Don’t forget to take your camera with you, everything you see is just amazing. Just need to save all those Kodak moment. If you are lucky enough, you might come across some hards of horses and yaks, those animals are like slow-walkers too, taking the time and enjoying their grass.

Time for some mysterious story. From the head of the village, I learn there is a crazy deep hole on the grassland. How did they find out in the first place? One day someone’s cow accidently fell into a hole and people all tried to get the cow out as soon as possible, only to find the hole was too deep to be finished. The exploration then was left for cave adventurer.

Sunrise and sunset, nothing special about those, they are too common. Here you can have something different-seeing the moonset on the top of the mountain. In the 5AM of the early morning, half of the sky is dyed red. It’s even more beautiful and magnificent than I’ve imagined. The view is denifitely worth rememering for life. Want to embrace the nature with full arms? This is the perfect place for you.

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