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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips in Suzhou

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Finding the Perfect Dress

Every bride dreams of finding the wedding dress for that very special once in a lifetime moment. Suzhou has now become one the most popular destinations for brides to be as the Wedding Dress Market located near Tiger Hill there are thousands of wedding dress shops available! For all the brides that have an inner bridezilla that needs to be tamed due to the stress of finding the right dress Suzhou awaits your visit!

Prices and Bargaining

Finding the right dress is like finding Mr. Right for many brides. At the Suzhou Wedding Market there are a wide range of wedding dresses to fit different budgets! Amongst all the glamour, taffeta, chiffon and silk is the perfect gown waiting for the right owner. Dress price tags can begin as low as 200RMB or a VIP price of over 2,000RMB! For many visitors who have visited China, bargaining before purchasing is always a must! Never settle for the first price given is the key tip here!

Tailor Made Dresses

For those who have a fairytale dress in mind, there are many wedding dress shops that can tailor make a dress between four days to a week. So if you’re not in a rush and have time to spare to wait then this option is good especially for those who pay particular attention to detail and want the 100% perfect frock for the day! With tailor made dresses communication is essential and expressing what you need is crucial. If the language barrier is causing too much problems its best to take someone along for company so you can communicate with the shop.

Travelling to Suzhou

If you plan on travelling to Suzhou by plane you will have to take a flight to Shanghai either to Hongqiao Airport or Pudong Airport. Suzhou does not have an airport therefore upon arrival in Shanghai you will have to take a train to Suzhou.

You can catch a train to Suzhou at Shanghai Station where train tickets to Suzhou can be purchased. You can purchase at the ticket booths or the automated kiosks, especially for the high-speed trains. There is no need to worry about tickets being sold out, there are numerous trains to Suzhou daily. The train trip from Shanghai to Suzhou takes approximately under an hour.

Taking Taxi or Bus to Tiger Hill

On your arrival to Suzhou, the most convenient way to the Suzhou Wedding Gown Market is probably by taxi that costs between 20 to 25RMB. Apart from taking a taxi you can also take tourist buses Y1 and Y2 from the train station to Tiger Hill.


As for accommodation its best to arrange before your arrival to Suzhou if you plan on staying in Suzhou for a couple of days for some sightseeing in addition to the dress shopping. Reputable hotels can be found online and with different room rates to suit your budget. 

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