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West Lake International Golf and Country Club for Leisure and Enjoyment

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West Lake International Golf and Country Club is a technically marvelous, state of the art golf course center with resort and recreation facilities. It is located at Hangzhou, capital of Zhenjiang Province, China. The golf course is designed by the world renowned architect Jack Nicklaus who used his extraordinary brilliance to make this project as one of the icon golf course project in China. The club was designed with complete facilities of country houses, golf course and all other related amenities that are essential for a golf course. The golf course was built in the year 1997 by utilizing an area of 267 hectares and developed the entire area to demonstrate a typical North American matching hilly terrain. All the required auxiliary amenities are facilitated in the golf course to have a competitive atmosphere.

The golf course is built of international standard and hence well fit to carry out international golf course tournaments. The originally designed 36 hole golf course is suitable for golf enthusiasts of different levels. As of now the first phase of the project with 18 holes international standard golf course with 365.76 meters is in operation, putting practice field along with first guild and the related facilities are opened for the club members.

The golf course club is under the management of Hangzhou West Lake Golf & Country Club Limited. Expected project cost CNY 2,200,000,000 and the project is being built under the supervision of Canadian Industrial Architectural Design Company.

Along with the annual Hangzhou Autumn International Tourism Festival, an annual golf tournament known as Autumn International Golf Tournament is being organized by the management, which attracts lot of international players. Apart from this annual tournament the management organizes 6 other national golf tournaments with vide publicity. The club encourages local and international membership come here and offers individual or group memberships for its customers.

Along the golf club, there are Golf Cultural Center and Golf Style Center. Here players and members will get 400 yards, 150 yards wide open and bi-directional practice field. This will have 3 holes practice field. The place is ideal for beginners to have enough practice and know better and more about the golf techniques. The club is providing experienced instructors for learners.

All the modern facilities and work members in the club are with international quality. Artificial Lakes and Streams with layers of lush green forest and fairway make the golf course one of the best in its features. Whatever the practice field or the villa reflects a noble and healthy atmosphere.

After landing at Hangzhou, the West Lake International Golf and Country Club is a well-known attraction in Hangzhou and it is easy to move to. For local tourists, it would be easy to catch the high speed rail network service. There are local buses regularly plying to the golf club area or you can engage a taxi to reach here. The club is open to the public and people can enjoy the playing facilities free, but need to pay in advance. 

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