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What Beauties to Find Out at Guiyang City

 2013-10-23    Selina Ou    Sights    Guiyang    1901  

The saying Hearing is believing is really far away from Seeing is believing. Yes, you’ll never know exact what things are if you do not go and see by yourself. And maybe this is the reason why we travel, to know the real place, to get our body on the way, our eyes open, and our mind fresh... And the travel to Guiyang city explains the above sentences to me. Before I arrive at Guiyang, I only get a blur image that it is just the capital of Guiyang province, a city far away from the prosperous modern noisy world. I use the word “just”. But when I went there, it surprised me.

It is a slow, calm, casual city, quite different from those big modern cities. This is my first impression. Actually, it is a modern city, but in a humble and easy way. You become relaxed the moment you enter its booth. This is great, it helps you slow down and gets into the city to know and find it out. By the way, you should bring with coats when you come to Guiyang, because it is a wonderful place to cool your hot summer.

                                                                                                                                               ---Overview of Guiyang city

I went to several famous scenic spots that everyone would visit when travel to Guiyang, the Huaxi Park, Tianhetan, Qingyan Ancient Town, Qianling Mountain, Jiaxiu Tower, Hongfeng Lake. They are all attractive with their great natural beauty and features. There should have many beautiful words to describe these sites, but only two words always lingered in my head, fresh and clean. Now let’s have a close look at the top two sites among those must-have places to visit at Guiyang.

Huaxi Park. Everyone falls in love with this beautiful young lady. Why I describe this wetland park as a young lady, because when you go to the Huaxi park, it is like you are seeing a young attractive lady in her bright sweet sixteen, everything is so great. The green grass, ever green, the fragrant flowers and trees in various species, the clean water, quiet brooks, lake, stone bridge across the lake. This romantic green park forget you the outside world, just immersed in the country nature. I still remembered how excited I was when I rushed into flowers and fell into a trance mind believing that I came to the fairyland that Alice has ever went to.

                                                                                                                                                      ---Picture of Huaxi Park

Tinahetan. This is the second wonderful site I’m eager to bring up. For this site, what people do is to dig out those mysterious pools, waterfall, rocks and caves amongst a magnificent mountain. I like the waterfalls a lot. Splashing out from the mountain, crash into the deep pool and disappear quietly, like fireworks. But what impressed me the most was the trip for the nine curves of water path in boat. This boat trip took us went through nine curves among caves and mountain. It was very exciting, we never knew when the next curve would come out, and when the boat rushed out from the cave, we saw a wide opened river and two horses walking casually in the shore, interesting.
                                                                                                                                                           ---Photo of Tianhetan

Besides, there is Qianling Mountain to feel its deep aura, the Qingyan Ancient Town to experience lives of the old times, the breathtaking night scene of Jiaxiu Tower. The short trip to Guiyang gave me the chance to know the real Guiyang. But that’s only in my eyes, to know yours, start now.

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