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What Local Flavors to Expect at Guiyang City

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When travel to a city, which comes first to you? Beautiful local scenic sites, local flavors, interesting local cultures... You choose there because of all those special locals. I’m sure after enjoy the amazing scenic sites, you will definitely include tasting local snacks in your trip. Now let’s see what local flavors to be expected at the unique Guiyang city.

                                    ---Jiaxiu Tower, the landmark building of Guiyang city

No. 1 Si wawa to get the shreds world into a whole

Si wawa, also called vegetarian spring roll, comes first on the list because of its interesting uniqueness. Here Si means shreds in Chinese, and the wawa means baby, so shredded baby? That’s horrible! Of course no. Why this kind of local snacks is called si wawa because they are made of shreds of many kinds of vegetables, and the process of preparing this food is like a putting a newborn baby in his swaddle. First of all, get a piece of thin wrapper made of flour, spread it in your palm, then select your favorite shreds from those colorful baskets, red carrot shreds, black agaric shreds, green shredded kelp, yellow noodles and white bean sprout... There are usually 20 kinds of shreds for customers to choose. Now wrap them carefully and tightly, add some special-made sauce into them, sour and spicy, and the final step is open your mouth, remember open widely so that you could put the big “baby” into your mouth. Crisp, tasty, but complicated spicy flavor will spread out in your mouth, that’s it. You will have a lot of fun from this special snack.

                                                                                               ---Si wawa


No. 2 Changwang Noodles to find extra LUCK

There is a saying, if you want to get some extra luck when travel to Guiyang city, try their changwang noodles. Because changwang in changwang noodles is a homophone for the phrase always being lucky. This special local flavor has a long history of more than 100 years and has earned widely popularity at Guiyang. It is made of egg noodles, pork intestine, pig blood curd and minced meat, supplemented with more than 20 kinds of ingredients and species, then you get a bow of delicious noddles with tasty noodles, delicious pork intestine, crisp minced pork, tender blood curd, sweet bean sprout, all comes into the great flavor to get you high.

                                                                       ---  Changwang Noodles


No. 3 Love bean curd to know what’s inside HOT

This is a kind of baked bean curd, but why it is called love bean curd, because people who usually eat this snacks with someone they love, and they fall in love with this bean curd since their first time taste. Ignore of the good stories of the snack, it is actually specially made with special craft. Baked carefully, the bean curd will expand like a balloon, at this time, cut a small mouth and put home-made sauce made of various species. Now you get the spicy, delicious, tender, hot baked bean curd. Yes, it is hot, be careful you get too hot for this local flavor, haha.

                                                                                  ---Love Bean Curd

Be not too excited about these three local flavors, there are many other waiting you to find out and taste. Experience the locals start from local flavors, now.

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