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What to do in Dongguan

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When it comes to Dongguan, many people think of it as the Eastern Amsterdam.  However, Dongguan is more than that. For leisure, Dongguan has much more to offer. Dongguan is not a typical tourism city. But it still attracts many foreigners and expats with its prosperous manufacture and foreign trade. So let’s find out what else you can do in Dongguan other than escorts.

Xiabafang locates in Batou village. It is a block of cafés, snack bars, western restaurants, bars, clubs, and shops. The place is a cluster of culture, art, and leisure. Many people compare it to Xiamen’s Kulangsu Island or Beijing’s 798 (tourist attractions famous for being a gathering place of artists, musicians, peculiar shops and bars). But unlike Kulangsu which has become a hot spot for tourists for a long time, Xiabafang remains relatively covert to groups of tourists and does not have a too strong sense of commodification.

Some of the buildings here date back to the Ming and Qing Dynasty. The village also preserves its structure from the old days. The place looks very nice at night. It is nice to have a little walk and visit some shops. Most of the shop keepers are very welcoming. If you don’t bother them doing business, they won’t mind you taking pictures or strolling around their shops. Live music, eccentric artworks, cocktails make it a lovely place to unwind. Most of the bars, shops and restaurants open from 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon to 3 or 4 o’clock at midnight.

Xiabafang is behind the canal of Nancheng district. Most taxi drivers are familiar with the place so just name “Xia Ba Fang” and they will take you there directly. You can also get to Xiabeifang by bus. First find a bus that can get to Dongguan City Bus Terminal (Wangjiang District). It won’t be difficult as many buses stop there. And then take bus no.25. Get off after 3 stops at Batouxincun. Xiabafang is nearby and it is easy to find.

Dongcheng district lives many Koreans thus you can find some really authentic Korean cuisines around the area of Dongcheng Pedestrian Zone. Most of the Korean restaurants in the area are owned and operated by Koreans and mainly cater Korean customers. If you like genuine Korean food, it is a good place to explore.

Fish meatballs (Yubao)

In the mood for some really local food? Dongguan Family (Donguanrenjia) is a low-budget restaurant which serves Dongguan traditional dishes. Rib chops with black olive, fish meatballs (Yubao), soya sauce goose and many other Dongguan dishes can be found here. Lots of locals like this place. During weekend, it is a busy place for family and friend gatherings. The restaurant is located at Dongsheng Road, Dongcheng district. 

Rib chops with black olive

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