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What to see in Fenghuang Ancient City

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Located in the western border area of Hunan Province, Fenghuang Ancient City is a famous historic and cultural city.It was ever praised as the most beautiful city in China by Rewi Alley, a famous author in New Zealand.

The Vegetable Market next to The Tuo River
Tuo River slowly flows through the ancient city wall, which is the essence of the Phoenix.If you come to Phoenix, you should get up early to see the vegetable market next to the Tuo River.You can see those villagers dressed in costumes, carry a backpack, buy or the sell, the scene is so primitive and ancient .
What to see in Fenghuang Ancient City

Diaojiaolou in Shawan
If you come to Fenghuang,you can not miss the Diaojiaolou (wooden house projecting over the water).In the morning, housewives start their day from doing the laundry in the river, from time to time Diaojiao Lou can be seen in the morning mist.Several Diaojiao Lou has opened the upstairs window, you can see the girl dressing.

Many Diaojiao Lou has been in the business as a guesthouse. It’s said that the family travel business is very well,along the river to the number of expensive, walk along the alley, the location of the inside, will be cheaper.

What to see in Fenghuang Ancient City

Wenchang Pavilion Elementary School
Fenghuang Ancient City is famous for Mr. Shen Congwen who is a great auther in China.You can not miss the place relevant with Mr. Shen.Wenchang Pavilion was built in Qing Dynasty,1905,is located in the scenic South Mountain National Forest Park Mountains.This elementary School still has a lot of old buildings in the country which is very beatiful.

What to see in Fenghuang Ancient City

Ancient Huangsiqiao City
Built in the second year of Chuigong in Tang Dynasty ( 686 A.D. ) ,Ancient Huangsiqiao City has a history of over 1300 years. The whole city was built with bluestone.While laying the stones, they use glutinous rice porridge as building starch to fill up the crevice. So the city wall of hundred meters becomes a firm and durable unified entity .

What to see in Fenghuang Ancient City

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