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What’s Special at Zhuhai

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What’s Special at Zhuhai City

Whatever you want from your travel, to live a different life in a different place, to find something special, to enjoy some beautiful scenery and have a good relaxation, to broaden your vision… All these will come to you when you travel to Zhuhai city.

                                                                                     ---Zhuhai city seaside view

Zhuhai city, located in the south of Guangdong Province and southeast of the Pearl River estuary, it is born to have a superior location with Hong Kong in the east across the sea, Macau in the south. In addition with its beautiful environment, pleasant weather, land and island at intervals in mountain and sea, Zhuhai has been a popular tourism city in China.

                                                                                                                                              ---Zhuhai Ocean Spring Resort

Actually, Zhuhai is a modern city with rich cultural atmosphere. But it is a very clean and casual city, this is very different from other modern cities. You do not have to hurry in this city, all you want is to enjoy and relax. Slow down, and slower, enjoy its fresh air and clean environment, everything is so wonderful. And what’s special at Zhuhai? From the casual romantic beach to night bars of European style, from busy and bustling entertainment plaza to cozy and peaceful cultural centers, Zhuhai always cheers people up. Now let’s see some special sights at Zhuhai city.

Statue of Fisher Girl
She stands in the beautiful Censer Bay, quietly and peacefully. Beads on her neck, nets on her shoulder, her hands held up high holding a crystal glittering pearl with a delightful but shy look, she beckons hope to human with her sacrifice. And there is a beautiful and romantic story behind this elegant Fisher Girl, you really should know it by yourself.

                                                                                                                               ---Statue of Fisher Girl

Zhuhai Couples Road
This is a special road of seaside viewing with a length of 28 kilometers along the seaside. Modern high buildings on the right, blue sea on the left, Statue of Fisher Girl leads the way. There are many small sea islands and large reefs near the shore. Sunshine, beach, islands, ocean weaves, pleasant breeze, green and blue. Just walk through the road feel so great, or you can ride a bicycle to enjoy the view when screaming at the romantics.

                                                                                                          ---Night scene of Couples Road

Royal Spring Resort
You may want to have a complete relaxation at night after having a day’s fun at exciting and enjoyable scenic spots at Zhuhai, here comes the Royal Spring Resort. This top hot spring resort provides dozens of hot spring pools of different healthy and beneficial ingredients with rich mineral elements that are good for human body. Except their complete supporting health facilities, they provide warm and considering family-style service. Wood gate, cabin, artificial hills and flying waterfall, bridge and so many pools, relaxed and peaceful… These all make you feel at home.

                                                                                                                                   --- A pool of Royal Hot Spring Palace

There are so many specials at Zhuhai city, if you want to find more by yourself at this clean and cozy city, do not hesitate.

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