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Wheels of Lanzhou Waterwheel Garden

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The Waterwheel Garden is located on Yellow River’s south bank, specifically one kilometre east of the bridge, HuángHéDàqiáo. It was constructed in the year 1994. It is at Middle Binhe Road located in Lanzhou in province named Gansu. Waterwheel Garden covers approximately 1.45 hectares area. It consists of cofferdam, two waterwheels, water mill and a beautiful recreation area and amenities.Travellers to this garden always have a wonderful and exciting experience. An old irrigation system is restored in this garden.

Giant Waterwheels

The giant old waterwheels were constructed during period of Ming dynasty. These were for irrigation purposes. Farming fields located in old Lanzhou city and along Yellow River was irrigated using them. This invention was well known across ancient China and are also known as Fan Wheel, Tiger Wheel, Heaven Wheel and Irrigative Wheel. This garden was constructed to honour creation of old irrigation tool. There are several irrigation machines inside Lanzhou city. The inventor of the first Chinese waterwheel was Duan Xu who lived during period of Ming Dynasty.

Learning from various machines of irrigation, he created another unique style that look like chariot wheels. Until, 1952, nearly two hundred fifty two waterwheels are constructed along Yellow river and this has offered the name ‘City of Waterwheels’ to Lanzhou City.

A waterwheel generally possesses 16.5 meters diameter. In flooding days, waterwheel does sit on banks of river rolled by running water. While in non-flooding season, water that is stored in cofferdam is utilized to push waterwheels. There are many water baskets fixed to waterwheel’s outer bound. Water is collected in baskets of one side of giant waterwheel. The additional weight and gravity turns wheel and make it roll to empty itself into a wooden trough when it passes waterwheel top. Thus it helps in irrigation.

Travel Tips

From Xiguan Crossing, one must get into bus number 135. The entrance fee to this garden is just ten Yuan during peak tourist season. The time suggested for visit is two hours. Since landscape of water is more water, it is best to visit during warm days. The right choice to have a trip to Waterwheel Garden is month of July. It isn’t recommended to visit this place in windy spring and cold winter season. Waterwheel Garden appears more as museum rather than garden.

Shatoupo is best spot where one can get gook view of real old waterwheel.It is possible for travellers to cross Yellow River in garden on raft made of sheep skin. This raft is a significant primitive ferrying tool used in northwest part of river. The visit will offer an insight into various tools of irrigation used during ancient times. The opening hours are from 8:00 am to 18:00 pm generally.

But, during summer season, there is a change in the opening hours. It will be then open till 20:00 pm. During tourist off season, the entrance fee to Waterwheel Garden is five Chinese Yuan only.There are two remarkable attractions near to Waterwheel Garden. They are White Pagoda Park and Zhongshan Bridge. 

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