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Where to Travel in China During the Crowded Holidays—Breathtaking and Interesting Part

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Tengchong County---Wonderful Resort of Volcano & Hot Spring

Located in Baoshan City in Yunnan, China, about 40 kilometers from Chinese border with Burma (Myanmar), Tengchong is a county surrounded with volcanoes. As one of the areas with volcanoes centralizedly scattered in Asia, Tengchong possesses abundant geothermal resources and it is pervaded by all shapes of boiling spring, eruptive fountain and hot srping. Tengchong County is not famous for its small size but for its long history, deep-rooted cultures and customs as well as cultural landscapes and architectures.


With about 9 square kilometers, Thermal Sea Vocalno Scenic Area is the most famous attraction in Tengchong consisting of more than 80 groups of hot springs. The temperature of ten of these springs are over 90 degree, making the area shrouded in streams of fog.


Visitors can get a chance to see one of  the eighteen oddities in Yunnan—Eggs are Tied up Sold in Rope-like Clusters in the front of hot springs, then it is easier to get boiled eggs by throwing  it  into  the springs for about 10 minutes. What an amazing experience!



Heshun Ancient Town, another must-attraction in Tengchong, is an hundred-year town greatly affected by the Central China Culture in the Ancient Southern Silk Road, where still holds best-preserved  historical buildings,such as Former Aisiqi Residence, Heshun Library and so on. The people in Heshun do business generation by generation, leaving numerous extraordinary stories.



Gingko (Yinxin) Village in Gudong County, the best place to appreciate the golden gingko trees with yellow leaves in autumns of Tengchong, is a paradise for photographers. It will be the sea of gingko trees when the autumn once coming.



Travel Tips:


1.You can take a special coach at South Huancheng Road in Tengchong County, then directly get off at the county.

2.You can also take buses beside Yihuauan Hotel located at the crossing of Rehai Road and Jinrong Road, which costs 5 Yuan P/P.

3.You can also take bus No.2 in Tengchong County, whose last stop is Thermal Sea Scenic Area. It costs 1 Yuan.

4.The best way is to take a taxi from Tengchong County to Thermal Sea Scenic Area, which costs about 30 Yuan.

Admission: 60 Yuan (Children less than 1.2 meters are free of charge.)

Opening Hours: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

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