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Where you should go in December?

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We are gonna move into December and it will be really the winter, this winter, you can consider to go to the northern China to appreciate the snow and go skiing, in this case, both Harbin and Beijing are good choices, and if you want to head to the south to enjoy the spring, Sanya, Xiamen and Guangdong are the destinations that you should add into your traveling list. Well, there comes to the question, where we should go in December?

First of all, i would like to introduce you Harbin, this noble and famous historical cultural city and tourism city, is named as brother of Communist Party, Ice City, Pearl of Swan, the Eastern Moscow, eastern Paris and City Shall, etc. The best city of coming to Harbin should be from December to the next January, cause at this period, everything in Harbin has been covered and decorated with snow, though it is very cold, you can see the mass different ice scenery that totally differ with the southern water spots; furthermore, summer time from June to September in Harbin is definitely the best place to get rid of the hot summer for tourists.

Harbin is the city that integrates styles and features of western and China together with bold and vigorous northern ethnic customs, many beautiful sceneries there make people even forget to come back or leave, especially the annual Harbin summar concert, anti-flood memorized towel, Confucious' temple, Ji Le Temple, Sophia Church and Center street with Russian style. With all these famous tourism advantages, Harbin thus is concluded into the first Chinese excellent tourism city in 1998.

Mountain E’mei with sunrise, sea of clouds and sunset clouds that attract many tourists to pay a visit to. Mountain E’mei in December has changed its new winter clothes waiting for the visiting, one mountain can experience the changes of four seasons, displaying the delicately beauty in the world and cahrming scenery. Daping Snow is the most beautiful snow shot in Mountain E’Mei, which is located in the middle part of this mountain, standing between black and white water, one peak heads up and once reach the late autumn, the peak starts to snow, after enter into the winter, Daping has been filled with flying snow, the splendid trees in Mountain E’Mei act as lofty spirit among the white world.

There are triple action for Mountain E’Mei in the early winter, piedmont with green trees change into the intoxicate images, while up to mountain more than 2000 meters is the completely white world. The sunny winter in the peak of Mountain E’Mei is the right time to appreciate four wonders( sunrise, sea of clouds, temple light and sunset).

Once you go downhill, you can go to have a spring bath to drive the day tired away, as there are the biggest western spring with large water volume and quality water, the temperature of the spring can high reach to 60℃ can thus called as the Nobility of Spring.

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