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Witness History by Visiting Sanxingdui Museum

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Sanxingdui Relics was world famous and I had planned to be here for a long time. Our trip to Guanghan finally scheduled in February, a bright and breezy day. Depart from Chengdu at, and about 1.5 hours we arrived there. I was glad to have my brother company and we talked and laughed all the way.
Sanxingdui Museum was 38km far from Chengdu, located in the Northeast of Sanxingdui Ruins in Guanhan city. The ruin covered a gigantic area and used to be the town of the ancient Shu State, was claimed as the precious relics in the 20th century of the mankind. The relics unearthed that showed important and significant values related to history, and culture. It could be assorted as one of the high-ranking cultural heritages in the worldwide. The museum opened to its visitors in 1997, and attracted marvelous number of tourists from home and abroad. The museum comprised four parts: the glorious record of the ancient culture, the mysterious primitive belief, delicate relics and Sanxingdui excavation and cultural researching.

The Entrance Hall was consisted of a bronze sculpture, which displayed a human head and a bird body. Also there was a huge picture behind it. The First Hall showed great accomplishments in all aspects in ancient Shu. The Part One, The walls and the town proper elaborated the panorama. No.1 and No.2 pits unearthed many valuable pottery wares, and other details showed there was once a big town. The Part Two, it showed its growth of business and agriculture. It included pottery basins, pots, and they were rich in shapes. We saw many poultry bones and objects such as seashells, elephant ivory, etc. The Part Three, there were abundant of jade wares, which were created by stone materials. The unique jade tablet was engraved, and it was a big sized one. A huge, round and flat jade object weighed over 50 kilos, to move it even by strongest men had to make great efforts. Part Four and Part Five also displayed many bronze, golden wares and ornaments.

The Second Hall showed the political organization and human social interaction of the Shu State. No.1 and No.2 Pits of Part One displayed rectangular and three passages, it contained numerous pieces of wares. Part Two showed the political institution and social mode. 50 human heads, 10 figures, and 2 masks all were made by bronze. The Part Three divulged the spiritual world of people and it included a three-tiered terrace for worship ceremony. The Part Four, there was a holy tree and was made of bronze. However, it was a copy, the same sized with the genuine one. The third and the fourth hall had many value artifacts, and offered currently information. Such as: the bronze standing figure, bulging eyes bronze mask, three exquisite bronze figures, bronze head and so on. The museum displayed tremendous civilization of the ancient times, it was brilliant, and was of great significance in the world.

After visiting the museum, we stayed in Guanghan city overnight and returned to Chengdu the next day morning.

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