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Wonderful Scenery of Mount Meng

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Meng Mountain that was originally named Hanwang Peak is one famous scenic spot in Nanchang city. Located 30 kilometers to the outskirts of Nanchang, Mount Meng Scenic Area is the main part of Meng Mountain, covering an area of 15 square kilometers. People always pray to the dream which spread widely among them, so it's also known as Dream Mountain.

The green hills and clear waters as well as the still visible thatched cottages and shacks are the best place for you to mould your temperament. The scenery of the Meng Mountain that is beautiful beyond description is fetching in more and more tourists all over the world. During the height of the summer, the cool climate, fragrant odors and remote location have kept lots of tourists away, leaving "lovely and tranquil scene in a paradise of Meng Mountain" that is without doubt a delight to the traveler.

Enjoying a long history with brilliant cultures, it's a historical relic for people dwelling or inhabiting two thousand years ago. There're 20 famous places of interest in the beauty spot that is one real tourist attraction with beautiful scenery and Summering Manor. Mount Meng is the antiquities of Jiangxi, scenic spot in China and the queen of summer resorts that is a successful combination of cultural relics with a long-standing history and beautiful natural scenery.

The hill with dense forest and tall bamboos commands a fine distant view. It's so peaceful and graceful here. The view is delightful and different in all four seasons. The place of great scenic beauty is all covered with showy yellow flowers during the spring days. It's extremely delightful to walk on the winding paths that will lead you to a serene spot, and flowers will stir you with their fragrance.

The place with high trees and dense forest on the hot summer day becomes refreshingly breezy place. As summer merges into autumn, the sea of fresh green vegetation turns into sparse but graceful trees. The fall brings the high bright blue sky, light clouds and delightful sunshine. And one would feel as if one were in the land of fairies with a vast expanse of misty and rolling waters as the winter is coming.

The reservoir of Meng Mountain at the foot of a hill is the crystalline waves, the flowing water of the irrigation ditch, the fishermen singing in the evening and a row of white egrets swanning over a forest. Whenever you mount up a flight of steps, you could range your eyes over the scene. The scenery of Meng Mountain attracts people by its enchanted beauty.

Meng Mountain not only boasts its gorgeous mountains and waters, secluded ravines and summer retreat, but also many historical relics and some tourist attractions. Almost every scenic spot in Meng Mountain has the most enchanting tales and the miraculous allusions.

Travelers would be involuntary amazed at the myriad numerous places with historical interest and scenic beauty, particularly the large number of the remaining in ascriptions created by men of letters and refined scholars in ancient times.

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