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Wonderful View of Mount Jinjian

 2014-08-11    Young    Sights    Chongqing    1929  

The charming Jinjian Mountain as another scenic resort in the Bishan region is one provincial-level Forest Park. Both its majestic natural scenery and abundant human landscape invite the ravished eye. It's an all-the-year-round tourist resort at the western Chongqing. The altitude of Jinjian Mountain varies from 400 to 715 meters above sea level.

The central scenic spot has an area of 10 square kilometers. It's the ideal tourist attraction to go for an outing and sightseeing since ancient times. Depending on the archaeological investigation and tracing the origin, the mountain was inhabited as early as over 2, 0000 years ago. These ancient people were engaged in hunting and foraging, and left the rich historic sites, which had resulted in the unearthing of many valuable archaeological remains like ancient living creature fossil and ancient human fossils.

It is of great significance to research the human history in the Paleolithic Age in southern China and the origin and development of Chinese remote antiquity culture in the Ba-Shu area. There're many places of historical and cultural interest left that are sure to leave a deep impression on sojourners, like the ancient tombs since Han and Tang dynasties.

Other hundreds of scenic sights and historic relics include temples, cliff sculptures of unique styles and inscribed poetry tablets. These places of historical interest with its own unique features are valuable cultural legacies. While marveling at the vestiges of the ancient civilization, people may also want to go and see other interesting sight of Jinjian Mountain.

The whole scenic spot is full of wonders that are well integrated with hills and waters, spring, woods and waterfall as well as the ancient culture. The famous people of the past and present had left a large number of poems and inscriptions and a vast fund of amusing anecdotes. Of many tourist destinations, the most significant one is the Lake of Heaven where the crystal clear water is very intoxicating.

The place had attracted numerous visitors to enjoy a cruise on the lake. Hundreds of egrets flying around the mountain stream are constantly visible in the autumn and winter, which are also the rare natural wonder on the land of the Chongqing area. Another famous sight is the Champion Peak where the luxuriant vegetation and the marvelous flowers and rare plants can be found everywhere.

Its dense forest could provide a perfect breeding ground with excellent facilities environment for all the wild animals and all the birds of heaven. The wildlife added to the enjoyment of the scenic spot. There're many caves in the dissolution lime-rock area and the mineral water inside has certain curative effect to chronic gastric ulcer. Long time drinking it will make a curative effect on various diseases and prolong life.

The Two Warm and Cold Springs at the foot of the Champion Peak belongs to the carbonate integrated spring. Jinjian Mountain is framed like a vast emerald in its setting in the east of the beautiful and affluent Bi Mountain, glitter with the riches of yesterday and today.

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