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Wonders of Woods-Wood Carving Theme Garden

 2014-06-22    sonrisabai    Entertainment    Yichun    1349  

Wood Carving Theme Garden is situated in Yichun city, Heilongjiang province, covering an area of 8800 square meters. As the city of woods in China, Yichun boasts to have the largest Korean pine primary forests in the world. It is also by far the largest Wood Carving landscape in domestic. All the wooden materials in the garden are from high-quality wood in Lesser Khingan Mountains area and carved by talented craftsmen. Each one is an exquisite works of art. With the idea of “Nature and Life”, the park is divided into four different parts which are Memorial Archway Area, Wood Carving Gallery, Sight-seeing Center and Leisure Area.

At the entrance gate, there is a wood Memorial Archway that is supported by six sepia poles made from red birch trees. A bigger gate is in the middle, two smaller gates are in left and right. On the top of the bigger gate, it is carved with beautiful Chinese characters: “Wood Carving Theme Garden”. There are 32 sets wood carving in the gallery, all about nature and life, as well as good visions for the future.

Taking a walk through wood carving gallery and reading stories in vivid way, you would be amazed from head to toe with such wonderful craftmanship. All those carving are with profound meaning and make people think. Time is eternal and in the long river of time, all creatures have to live with the law of nature, so is human being. As the creature of nature, men need to live with the nature in harmony for better and bright development.

After staying in the wood carving gallery for a while, we came to the Man Figure Carving Area. Through the glass display counter, there displays many man figures with different looks and postures. They are all famous people from ancient China, some is reading a book with eyebrows frowned, some is head up to the sky like he’s the king of the world, some is stroking his long beard like immortals. I couldn’t help looking at those masterpieces in awe, their extraordinary imagination and unbelievable craftmanship are truly second to none.If you have to name one thing that have in common, it is that they almost look like real.

The largest wood carving set in the park is about traditional Chinese 12 signs. It is located in the middle of the park, 12 signs poles form a circle with a crimson totem pole in center,with abstract symbols carved on it, meaning for all the creatures of mother nature. Besides fantastic wood carving in the park, the view from here is quite beautiful too.

Blue sky with warm sunshine, clear rivers flowing quietly, green grass all around, this is what the nature should be! All natural but very comfortable.In leisure area, there is an ancient waterwheels. There are two pedals on each side of the wheels. If two people pedal at the same time, the wheels would turn. Very interesting.

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