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Wondrous Daotang River in Qinghai

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The beautiful Daotang River takes its rise from the Chahan Prairie at the foot of the eastern foothills of Riyue Mountain. The river at an elevation of about 3,300 meters above sea level and a total length of over 40 kilometers runs from east to west and flow into Qinghai Lake. Hence the name Daotang River. It's the smallest tributary of Qinghai Lake drainage systems.


The wandering course of the stream ran as clear as crystal to the bottom, and it resembled one bright ribbon falling upon the grasslands, which is so magic and charming. Starting from Riyue Mountain in the east and ending at Qinghai Lake in the west, the chain of clear and rippling water goes gurgling on gently, quietly and silently.

Away into the distance stretched the rippling waters. When one has a breathless look and gazes fixedly at the scenic spot, the gurgling sounds of a stream would come into the ear, at once joyful and mysterious, beckoning one to go deeper and look at the source. Whether by design or accident, this Daotang River was in a rather attractive scenic spot on the edge of a bubbling brook beneath the overhanging brow of a high mountain.

The welter of surging bodies disappeared; the loud brawl of a brook vanished, as though it were a bunch of rainbow in the rain, flowing stars in the intimate warm velvet of the night. It's so crystal-clear and subdued, clear and translucent. The gentle stream is just the Daotang River. The rivers in the country all flow eastward, only Daotang River flows quietly westward.

As a matter of fact, Daotang River had been a river that ranges to the east, which together with Buha River and Luohantang River flow into the Yellow River that is the second longest river in China. Since that it's caused by a shifting or dislodging of the earth's crust and Riyue Mountain swelling gradually up from the plain, it turned round and flowed generally westward to Qinghai Lake.

In the meantime, there are dozens of legendary stories about Daotang River, a variety of guesses have been made. The area east of the Riyue Mountain, the folking sayings of the Han nationality over thousands of years is following: the Han nationality aimed to establish friendly relations with the Tibetan nationality, facilitate the cultural and economic interchange, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty would marry the beautiful young Princess Wencheng to Songzan Ganbu Tufan dynasty.

On the forward journey to Tibet, Princess Wencheng arrived at Riyue Mountain, she looked back and could see no her hometown, to the west, one saw the place that was cold and vague. She was earning for the parents in her hometown. She couldn't catch sight of any familiar face and had to suffer from homelessness, and wrung her heart to the very core.

At last, she had to wipe her tears and continued going toward the west, the tears of the Princess Wencheng gradually converged into today's Daotang River. The ancient legend contributes to the mystique of Daotang River. 

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