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World Famous Lotus Cave

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Lotus Cave is one of the most beautiful and mysterious wonders in the world. The mouth of the Lotus Cave was so narrow that was compelled to advance in a stooping posture, and only one person was scarcely able to proceed. There stands one huge diamond-shaped stone on top of the hole. The whole cave consists of one main cave and two pierced caves. Each of the caves has its own skylight.

Walking up the stone steps of a tree-shaded path and then descended into the main cave where is so spacious that there is one hall for a thousand men. There are a few detached pillars of rocks that rise straight from the ground. There're many stone curtains and columns on the walls of the room. The ray of sunlight shines through the skylight of the roof of the hall. There's one natural bed in the front of the hall.

Story has it that the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea once came here to spend the night here, and so it was known as the dragon's bed. The story is going about that inside a cave is the Karst region of Yugoslavia, people discovered eight beautiful lotus-like stalactites, and then considered it as an incredible wonder. It may be said without fear of exaggeration that the Lotus Cave is nothing less than a miracle among all the wonders in the world.

With a distance of 32 kilometers to downtown of Yangshuo County, the continuity of the most visually striking scenes in the Lotus Cave inside was not discovered until the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when local inhabitants hid into the cave to fleet the ravages of war.

Here people could only go through the narrow and make-believe entrance of the cave by crouching over it slowly. It is easy to see why the cave once named as the Crawling Cave. It is a popular belief among the local people that one leading comrade of the Central Committee came to visit the Xingping Town, and felt very curious about the legendary lotus inside the cave.

Thus he had gone to make a search through the cave with other villagers, and retained a clear impression of the lotus-like stalactites. And thereafter he made up his mind to make it one of the most famous destinations for visitors to Guilin City. Over the next several years, the Lotus Cave quickly becomes a world-famous scenic spot.

At its widest point, Lotus Cave is about 25 meters across; the narrowest point is only 0.5 meter wide, with an overall length of 600 meters. Moreover, it is worthwhile to note that apart from the lotus-like stalactites, there's a variety of stalactites inside the cave.

Every the Spring Festival, the local people in the county came in flocks to travel together. No one can say for sure how many artists and writers alike down through the ages have been to this beautiful Lotus Cave to enjoy the charming scenery. Substantial amounts of poems and inscriptions in its praise had been left behind by many local men of letters.

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