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Wuhan University: A Romantic Place to See

 2013-10-25    Selina Ou    Sights    Wuhan    4189  

When I was in high school, my Chinese teacher told us a romantic story. She said she met her husband under the beautiful cherry trees at March when cherry in full blossom, then they fell in love with each other, then got married, and every year they would take some time to revisit those cherry trees who witnessed their love and happiness.


I was moved and thought that one day I will go there to enjoy the romantics with someone I love. I made it. After several years when I was graduated from university, I went there at March, with my boyfriend, and my best friend with her boyfriend. It was a romantic trip, sweet memories.

When travel to Wuhan, people usually choose March and April, because at this very time, you get the right chance to see the gorgeous world of cherry blossoms. It is still cold at March season, but you know spring has come. All the coldness will go far away when you are amazed at those rich blossomed sakura. I like to call it sakura, it sounds much more Lolita, I think.

                                                                             ---Fully blossomed cherry

When we got off the bus, we rushed to find the cheery garden. And when we passed by, we could see sakura continuously blossomed form the Kunpeng Plaza, all the way to the Administration Building of Wuhan university. But there are three best places to see cherry, Cheery Garden, the Old House, and Cherry Avenue.

In the cheery garden, you will see many cherry trees there with their pretty and proud cherry blossoms. Bright flowers, fresh color, and your mood being lighten up right away. Under those cherry trees, someone are enjoying quietly, some are wondering their minds, some talking and laughing, some are taking their wedding photos. No matter what status you are in, all people are immersed in the grand beauty of cherry blossoms.

Alongside the cherry garden, there is an ancient building called The Old House. It has a breath of ancient culture and historical. Simple but elegant, heavy but quiet. But you may not expect that this impressive ancient building is the dormitory for students. How lucky they are! There are about a hundred steps in its entrance. When you climb up the steps, you get to overlook the whole view of cheery garden in the top. That’s the paradise-in-bloom, the paradise of cherry. And never forget that the Old House has a much more romantic name, Cherry Castle.

                                                                                           ---The Old House


Down the Old House, comes the Cherry Avenue. This avenue is about 200 meters long. Hands in hands with your friends, walk down the avenue, cherry blossoms rustled in the breeze, the entire world is in pink romantic. And you may lucky to find blossoms in your friends’ hair, or your shoulder. You may only get smiles to respond to this beautiful scenery.

                                                                         ---Romantic Cherry Avenue

Wuhan University is actually a blend of ancient and modern, combination of East and West. And best of all, romantic.



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