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Wuhan's Yellow Crane Tower

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January is always considered as the peak season of travel, because it has pleasant weather, Spring Festival Atmosphere, snowy scenes as well as long winter holidays. If you are looking for a place not too far from Guangdong, I strongly recommend that Yellow Crane Tower in Hubei is a gratifying destination.

Situated on the top of Snake Hill in Hubei Province, Yellow Crane Tower is a well-known historical site that will simply not disappoint you. Yellow Crane Tower, built in 233AD, mainly boasts for grand landscapes and cultural significance. With a long history, it has been destroyed several times during the warfare. As is recorded, it was repaired nearly 10 times in Ming and Qing Dynasty and finally ruined in 1884. Many years later, the Wuhan Yangze River Bridge was built across the original site of Yellow Crane Tower. Thus what people see today is not the real Yellow Crane Tower mentioned in Chinese Poems, but the new one rebuilt by Wuhan city government in 1981. Actually the rebuilt Yellow Crane Tower does not look the same as the historical one.

Legends have added some mysteries to the Yellow Crane Tower. Up till now, there are mainly 2 famous legends passed down from generation to generation. The first one is about the renown celebrity in Chinese history named Wang Zi`an. Some people think the tower was built to commemorate him after he rode off on a Yellow Crane from Snake Hill. And the other one is about Fei Wenyi, who is also an outstanding person. It was said that he often ride a yellow crane and rest on the Snake Hill. Apart from those interesting legends, there still a lot of poems and articles written by ancient people to describe its magnificent scenery.

Regarded as one of the Four Great Towers of China, Yellow Crane Tower is a perfect place to appreciate the Yangtze River and charming surroundings. Yellow Crane Tower was made from different materials in different dynasty, since it was repaired many times. And here, this rebuilt one is constructed by modern materials with an elevator, which may surprise a lot of tourists. It is about 51.4 meters high and tourists can easily climb up to its top by elevator. Standing on the highest point of Yellow Crane Tower, you can appreciate either the intoxicating whole view of the Yangtze River clearly or the charming surrounding landscapes of Wuhan city. It is really a good place to help you forget about the stresses and pure your mind. Retreated from the top view of Yellow Crane Tower, we are going to have a look at the exhibitions displayed at each floor. On different floors, tourists are treated to different themes. For example, the third floor is filled with excellent poems about Yellow Crane Tower, which is created by different dynasties.

Walking out of the Yellow Crane Tower, you can see the whole outer appearance of it. Traditional upturned eaves can be found on each floor and each one has its own style, resembling a flying yellow crane. What an interesting tower, right?

Want to explore more about the Yellow Crane Tower? We are waiting for you in Hubei this winter. Be there or be square!

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