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Wuli Village of Yunnan

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Wuli village is located on a gentle slope inside some valley hiding deep in River Nu of Yunnan province. More than 40 families live in the village and enjoy a quiet and peaceful life. The name Wuli means “inside the mists”, every morning, it would be wrapped with mists. As a matter of fact, it was created by creative some hikers for its heavenly beauty. A few decades ago, it was just a small place with few people heard of . As the growing population of tourism in recent years, more and more people are getting to know this mysterious village.


If you think it is just some random village in remote area, you are way wrong. What makes it special is the location. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, with River Nu under, on-and-off fog and mists, no wonder it is so popular among backpack hikers. Just when you are so exhausted and tired from the trip, the view is waiting for you and when you see it, all the effort is totally worth it. Because of the amazing view, everyday a ton of shutterbugs would gather here and capture the view and save it on films.

Only for those who have experienced the darkness could truly appreciate beauty of the sun. In the early morning, the village is a white world. Everything seems so vague and almost fake. As the time goes, it is getting disappear bit by bit. Sun is casting to the valley till it ease away the mists fully. Trees, houses and fields are showing their shapes.

In this beautiful land lives Nu ethnic minorities people. The history of Nu people can be traced back to 17 centuries, they have their own language but no words. Considering that most Nu people live in mountain areas or riverside and other harsh environment, the development of the village might seem a little laid-back. However, for those tourists from the world outside, it could be something good. Living backwards is not that bad sometime, it makes people think. This is a place that makes you want to escape from chaotic urban life for good. The peace of mind that you can’t find anywhere else.

The only road of the village is called Chama Old Road. It is a dangerous road built on cliff, completely by hand work. Tourists need to be really carefully walking on it, at some spots they have to bent down a little. Under the cliff there is the deep yet fast moving Nu river. It just happens villagers are having a festival, everyone is singing and dancing, enjoy the moment.

Nu people’s house looks like some blocks above green blankets, so simple. The house materials are all from the nature, pine wood from Bigluo snow mountain, solid pebbles from the river. Simple as it seems, people here live a happy life, which reminds me of the saying, simplicity is the best.

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