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Wulong Pool Scenic Spot of Zhejiang

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Wulong Pool Scenic Spot is not only the national AAAAA scenic spot, but also the first scenic sightseeing spot that is certified by international quality systems of ISO9000 in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. Located in the Longguan Township of Jin prefecture in the southwest of Ningbo city, about 35 kilometers away from the Ningbo city, it's the famous scenic spot that relies on natural scenery, takes Chinese dragon culture and mountain folk customs in eastern Zhejing as their cultural connotations and makes a feature of the serpentine course of the stream, the waterfalls, grotesque rocks and perilous peaks.

Wulong Pool Scenic Area covering an area of 16.17 square kilometers belongs to the tourist area in the mountainous type. Within the scenic beauty of stunning views and lush vegetation, it's encompassed by mountains, with high rising peaks and cliffs rising straight out of the pool, deep mountainside gorges and colorful terrain changes. It's the beautiful scenic area characterized by fantastic mountains, clear waters, deep valleys and strong mountainous flavor.

Not only that, Wulong Pool Scenic Spot is the wonderful scenic area that has gathered together sightseeing, vacation and leisure, pilgrimage and mountainous body-building functions, thus it can satisfy and accommodate the various requirements of returning to natural landscape, tasting the landscape of mountain village, perceiving the local cultures in eastern Zhejiang and enjoying the relaxation wold.

Wulong Pool Scenic Spot is blessed with the distinctive folk culture features and strives to build up the brand image of Dragon's offspring where visitors could visit the Long Pool, watch the Dragon folklore and worship Dragon ancestors. The Longtan waterfall that is developed in the first phase of Wulong Pool Scenic Spot covers the area of 6.2 square kilometers.

Weaving these unique fairy tales out of fascinating human sights is responsible for some of the best literary and artistic creations in what loosely is referred to as Chinese culture and they are eternally gratifying to people's aesthetic sense. With beautiful touching legends adding to the allure of the wonderful scenes, Wulong Pool Scenic Spot has today become a significant tourist attraction. Its beautiful natural views and human sights make visitors linger hesitatingly with a reluctance to leave.

The second phased project is the Blue Cloud Ladder that covers the area of 4.58 square kilometers. The landscape had prevailed by grand, vicious and spectacular sceneries. It's famous for its nonnegotiable pass, dangerous ladders, weird stones and tremendous waterfall. The third-stage is the Mingfengshui scenic area that is located at the generic entrance of Wulong Pool Scenic Spot. The tourist area takes the hum of dragon and scream of the Phoenix as the theme.

In the whole Mingfengshui scenic area, the mountains stood out in relief against the water, the mountains glass themselves in the pool, the mountains and waters are mingled together. The plant ecological community system with a rustic charm of its own could make people experience the active enchantment and magical glamour of nature in the fabulous atmosphere of mystery and beauty. 

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