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Wusu Town-Seeing the First Sunrise in China

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Wusu town is located on a small island where Heilongjiang river and Wusuli river meets. It’s also the easternmost area of China, across the river there is Russia. It’s the smallest town in the whole world, there is only one habitant in town. Truth be told, Wusu town actually isn’t a real town, it’s more like a gathering spot for fishermen. But it coming from everywhere, Chinese, Korean and Russian.

There’s also another reason why Susu town can be so popular among tourists. It’s the Wusu river. It’s the only boundary river that hasn’t been polluted in China. Therefore the water quality is perfect for many kinds fish. In early autumn, salmon would go upstream from estuary to Wusu river and Heilongjiang river, then spawn and hatch eggs and bring them back to the sea.

Wusu town is the first place to see sunrise everyday in China. On every years summer solstice, the sun rises at precisely 2:10 am. Standing on top of a mountain and watching sunrise from the distance, it’s truly an unforgettable experience. Every morning, local fishermen leave home with sunrise, through wind and rain, cast their giant net, cheerfully singing Wusuli Boat Song.
Autumn is the perfect season for fishing.

Every year of this time, fish dealers from all directions come here and buy fresh salmon and all kinds fish and shrimps. Some businessman would can the fish right there and sell them to everywhere of world. There’s a happy smile on everyone’s face, the town becomes a place of joy.

Despite the peaceful scenery here, the environment of Susu town is harsh and tough. Half of a year it’s in icebound season. It only gets a little busy in fishing season.Oriental First Post is situated in this remote place. Frontier forces station here silently, protecting the country. I took a short round inside the watchhouse. There were pictures of leaders visiting troops hanging on the wall. They also keep record of sunrise time everyday and make a curve chart for tourists watching. How thoughtful is that!

We slept early at night to watch sunrise in the next morning. In the junction of Wusuli river and Heilongjiang river. A pale space appeared in the sky; then more paleness spreading out from the eastern horizon. Then a shining sunray slowly turned white clouds into orange color. A moment later, the sun was coming out, like a giant fire ball.

Everyone was amazed with this beautiful view and took out cameras trying to save this memory. A brand new day was coming, with endless hope. Yesterday’s sorrow was long gone. Suddenly there was an silence, everyone one was closing their eyes, feeling the moment and clear up minds. On Wusuli river, the water shined brightly with the sun, looking all golden. What a peaceful small town!

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