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Wuyang River – A Picturesque Location

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Wuyang River, a famous river in Guizhou, is considered as one of the best picturesque location in China. It flows through the ancient towns Zhenyuan, Shibin and Huangpin. Wuyang Three Gorges which is consisting of Dragon King Gorge, West Gorge and Zhuge Gorge is the essential part of the Wuyang scenic spots. It is the most beautiful scenic spot among all the attractions, which is 35 kilometer waterway. The river divides the territory into two parts, the Upper Wuyang and he Down Wuyang. The Upper Wuyang includes Shibing and Huangping and the Down Wuyang includes Shibing and Zhenyuan.

Historically Important Location:
Zhenyuan is a well known historically important ancient cultural center. The river and the ancient town cover an area of 400 square kilometers and they are two of the major tourist attractions. The cultural specialties of Miao ethnic community have an exquisite attraction. It will be a feast for tourists to be along with the fellow community members and participate in their cultural activities. Watching the picturesque mountains and boating on Wuyang River will be a memorable and amazing experience.

Rambling along the upper reaches of Wuyang River, especially on Mount Yuntai, is set to give you a wonderful feel. When you see the old temples relics, stone sculptures and fantastic karsts, your first sight will definitely be impressive. You will marvel at the glorious history of the ethnic communities who put their efforts to develop a city in this special geographical region. Tiexi Stream, the tributary of Wuyang River, originates from the mountains and finally joins into Wuyang River. The banks of Tiexi Stream are rich in vegetation and dense forests. Green water, perilous peaks and peculiar gorges are the main features of Wuyang River scenic spot. Tourists can enjoy a quiet cozy life style that different from the urban life. The beautiful scenery let you stop and think about yourselves and the life you live. After visiting here, you can get a different feeling.

Plan your trip:
While planning your trip to Wuyang River, it is advised to include a tour plan to the surrounding area, especially the Black Dragon Cave. Furthermore, arranging a local tourist guide would help you to wrap up your tour easier without any mess. If you are a foreign tourist, it is advised to find an English speaking tourist guide.

What you can do during the tour:
Fully prepare yourself to visit the wonderful place with ancient temples and an important history, from your package to your mood. It is an essential activity to cruise on the Wuyang River. You can get these package programs through any reliable travel agencies. The package includes entry fee, cruiser rental fee and food etc. You can also visit the arch bridge and architectural engrave works in the Qinglong Cave. Do not forget to visit the Miajiang Great Wall ruins and climb top of the hill.

Mode of transportation:
Train and bus service systems are the convenient modes of transportation to Wuyang River Scenic Spot. There are ten trains’ services operating from Shanghai, Guiyang, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou. All train services are passing through Zhengyuan and tourist can hire taxi from the Railway Terminal to the Wuyang River Scenic spot. Tourists opting for bus transport can board from Kaili and this is an only two-hour journey. Have a pleasant journey to the scenic spot area!

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