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Wuzhen Water Town Trip

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Wuzhen Water Town  is located in Zhejiang province and  is an old town with a long history.
Before we set off  to Wuzhen , we searched for all the information about the town on the web. Wuzhen water town is separated into two places the east wing and the west wing. Also on the web I found many cheap guest houses which usually have 3 to 8 rooms. So we booked Uncle Xia’s guest house which is located in the east wing online.

Next day we travelled by bus from Shanghai to Wuzhen Water Town which took about one hour and thirty minutes. When we arrived, it was about 4pm , Uncle Xia was already waiting for us at the station exit. Uncle Xia helped with bags and sent us to West wing. Both the East and West wing required tickets which is available on that day the important thing is after 8pm there is no need buy tickets to go to the East wing. 


We bought the tickets then took a  free ferry to Andufang. This free ferry is a wooden boat which can take 20 to 30 per way ,the boatman only use the bamboo pole to push the boat ,so there is no noise and pollution,you only can hear the voice of the paddles strokes, pleasant talk and laughter.


When we arrived at Andufang ,the first scenic spot is Cloth dyeing workshop (photos below) which demonstrates how to make the color cloth in ancient times, so there are kinds of colors cloth on the outside ,and in the house ,there are many old tools which make the color cloth. 


We arrived on the main street, there were so many shops such as Matchstick shop, cafed, tea houses and boutiques. All the buildings were old and the town is surrounded by the river, so when you’re walking on the street ,you will feel peace of your mind and like back to that old time , end of the street ,there is a famous river named Beijing - Hangzhou Canal ,when we arrive here it was already dark ,so we couldn't see it clearly, but it felt magnificent that big boats could sail between Beijing and Hangzhou with much supplies.

I loved this place, there was a sunflower garden and the Sunflowers were in full bloom,it was so beautiful!  

Tired after walking about 3 hours, you can have a dinner or go to bar street, both of them are a good choice. There are many restaurants and you can taste Cantonese food,hangzhou food ,noodles ,and so on .if you don’t know which one is better ,you can look around where is long queues where you can go. According to this, we choose a Wonton restaurant named Lao ma hun dun ,and we are the last guests at here and so lucky ,because there Wonton have sold out .I can never resist the temptation of Wonton which is almost as big as egg .

Bar street is busy most bars have their own band and even foreign bands. If you like the quite life you can have a drink at the river. After dinner, we had a night view ,then back to Uncle Xia’s house ,and meet uncle Xia at the west wing gate ,the next day ,we have visit the east wing which is really old and small than west wing and it is not have night view , but you can getting a bargain at east wing and all the things is cheaper than West wing. If you want send a postcard to your friend ,you can write it in advance and post it at the West wing which is located at the west wing center,because this is my first time to go to there ,so i don’t know ,and I only can pass the postcard to uncle Xia before I leave wuzhen water town ,he can help me to post it .

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