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Xian Epang Palace

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Firstly built in 212 B.C, Epang Palace is the royal palace of the Qin Dynasty. Together with the Great Wall, Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, Road of Qin, they are considered as the Four Huge Projects of Qin Dynasty. The reason why Qin dynasty plays such an important role in the history as they symbolized the first union of ancient China.


Epang Palace is located in Epang Village to the west of Xian in Shaanxi Province. Covering an area of 800,000 square kilometers, it once had a capacity of 100,000 people. Now only approximately 600,000 square kilometers of Epang Palace is left. In 1992,  UNESCO (made an investigation of Epang Palace and confirmed it is the largest ancient palace relics in the world. Not only being a legend in Chinese history, also Epang palace contributes precious historical value to the world of history.


Despite the fact that some parts of the Epang Palace have disappeared with time, there are still many relics left. To name a few, there is Lanchi Palace, Qi River,  Magnet Stone Gate, Earth-worshiping Altar, Upper Forests and many more. To visit them all still might take quite a while. Magnet Stone Gate is the north gate of the Epang palace. It functions like a security gate in the modern world. The magnet stone can detect the knife on whoever wants to enter the palace and keep it safe.


Lanchi Palace is the resting place of the emperor Qin. According to the literature, it is about 7.35 meters high, 16 meters both in length and width. It is built right in the middle of Lan pond to stress the unearthly atmosphere with fog wrapped around. The Reaching-to-the-sky Platform is where the emperor Qin worship the god. Ancient people think the prosperity and wealth are gift from heaven so it’s extremely important being blessed by god. Therefore every year in a special time, emperor would worship the god with his ministers and wish for a better life. What we see now is a rebuilt platform based on the literature, with 19.8 meters high.


There is also a beautiful love story about Epang palace. According to the folk story, Emperor Qin fell in love with an pretty girl called Epang. They were madly in love but it didn’t work out for some reason. In order to keep the memory of his loving girl, Emperor Qin made this decision to build a huge palace and name after her. Not all the love stories are live-happily-ever-after kind. Sometime sadness can be another way of beauty, just like the E’pang Palace. Today tourists still can feel what a spectacular place it once was. One thing is for sure, time didn’t wash away everything of this legend place.

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