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Xiangzhi Brook - The Origin of Paper

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Xiangzhi Brook is located in the Buyi county of northeast of Guiyang city, about 40 kilometers from the downtown. Xiangzhi means “Paper with nice scent” in Chinese. It covers an area of 51 square kilometers, with all the essence of the nature inside such as mountains, river, rocks, forests, caves, waterfalls, valley, ancient towns.

More interestingly, the culture of the Buyi people- an ethnic minority in China. That already sounds awesome, but what it attracts me the most is its historical value. Xiangzhi Brook is also the relic of the ancient papermaking by Cai lun, the inventor of papermaking technique.

Even today, they have a well-preserved papermaking system, which is also the largest ancient papaermaking system in China. According to the historical materials, Cai lun papermaking requires 72 processing procedures which will take 3 month in total. Buyi people still know how to make paper in a traditional way.

Because of the special location, Xiangzhi Brook has been cut out with the outside world for such a long time. That is also why the old papermaking technique can still be inherited till day. The bamboo paper made here all have an unique fragrance, so it is called Xiangzhi Brook. Now those papers are mostly used for worshiping in folks world.

If you have to put a number of all the tourists spot in Xiangzhi Brook, be prepared not to be shocked. Being endowed with so many amazing natural sceneries, there are roughly 70s tourists attractions inside the zone, to name some of the most popular ones, Dragon Well Bay, white Water River, Pot Bottom Bamboo, Horse Feet Stream, Red Seed Ditch and other beautiful views.

We decide to start the trip from the white water river. The water is so clear, no wonder the local name it as the white water. At some point the water is slow and shallow, perfect for taking off your shoes and have some fun. But you still have to be careful of those sharp pebbles and water plants with thorns when walking.
Dragon Well Bay is a beautiful winding route with rivers and bridge, large area of bamboo forests. In summer, tons of tourists would swarm in this place and look for some cool air. It is 5 kilometers in length and 300 meters in depth. I really like the bridge here, it look so old and beautiful, making me think of the ancient times when primitive people running on it and looking for food.

Keep going from the Dragon Well Bay, there is Pot bottom bamboo forests, here is like the original jungle, with so many huge trees and dangerous cliffs, splashing sound of waterfalls coming from the distance. Considering the road here is really rough and slippery, our tour guide keep reminding the crowd, “Watch your steps and take your time!” As we going, I see a few camps in the area, must be really nice to be take a nice night out here with nature.

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