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Xianweng Mountain National Park

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Xianweng Mountain National Park is located in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province, covering an area of more than 10 thousand acres. It’s formed with two major parts, rock primitive forests and four-stone anti-Japanese site. The average height of Xianweng Mountain is about 200-500 meters. Xianweng means immortal old man in Chinese, it got the name cuz its unique environment and landscape, every thing seems too perfect, maybe only immortals deserve such great place. But that’s just me guessing.

The first peak of Xianweng mountain is called Xianweng Peak. Looking from distance, it looks like an old guy sitting there, leisurely. About this mysterious mountain, there is a folk story. Once upon a time, there was a hunter called Chu living on the mountain. He mastered Kongfu very well and could kill the devil very easy. At the foot of the mountain, there was a deep pond with green water. A fierce and cruel python lived in the pond. Hunters were lost here a lot with no where to be found. Chu decided to get rid of this evil python. He was waiting besides the pond till night and stabbed python on the stomach. Then the python escaped. Chu sat on the peak waiting for the python day and night, till he turned into a rock.

The highest peak of the mountain is Azalea Peak, about 390 meters above sea level. Every year in spring, the peak is filled with colorful azaleas. There were thick tufts of scarlet and pink, and pale purple flowers. I just learned that azaleas are also good medicines. It root and leaves can be natural cure for trachitis, sick stomach and other digestive disease.

What makes it different is that you can have fun while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the park. Looking for best natural scenery? You have come to the right place. Endless miles of tall trees decorated nicely on hillside, releasing refreshing oxygen that you could never get enough of. All you need to do is to breathe. Taking a walk in the woods, surrounded by green leaves and joyful chirp of birds, for a moment, I was lost in this peaceful land, heart and soul. I got no sense of time or space at this very moment, all I wanted to do is to take this all in.

Wonders of nature could be seen almost everywhere in the park. On the back hill of the mountain, there was a 5 meters deep rock crack. It looked like being torn apart by a sword, so it got the name “Sword Path”, well named! After climbing up for a while, a Korean pine tree came into my sight. It was on a steep cliff, growing close to the rock. Hard to imagine it could grow so well from such dangerous spot. Some say it’s the writing brush of the Mountain God; some say it’s just a random welcoming tree. Personally I think it was more like the writing brush, the look, the shape.

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