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Xianxia Valley - The Perfect Escape

 2014-09-22    sonrisabai    Activities    Linzhou    1220  

I have read tons of fairytales when I was a little girl. In my eyes, those immortals in the story always are hiding in the somewhere deep, like a remote mountain where is off the beaten track, wrapped with endless clouds. Xianxia Valley is such a place, bring the tourists a perfect escape from hustleing urban life, the place where you can only see on books, with faries and immortals.

Located in Linzhou City of Henan province, Xianxia Valley attracts hundreds of thousands tourists every year, especially in autumn, the most beautiful season of the valley. In Chinese, Xian means immortals, Xia means the colorful rays from sunlight bent by refraction. The name already makes me want to go there.

Before we reach our destination, green trees are all over the trip.Everyone is looking out through the bus window and taking it all in. I also see some photographers along the road, they seem all focused, trying to capture the best picture of the nature. In the distance, a few drawing boards are scattered on the grassland, with unfinished paiting still need to be done. The scene reminds me of my high school time, when I was learning how to paint sceneries.

The mountain is so steep, at some point you need to use both hands and feet to get higher. Everyone is wondering what’s up there. After a long hard journey, we are at the passage way up above. Sounds of streams, birds singing and insects humming fill our ears. Along the route to the valley, I see many trees and flowers I couldn’t put my fingers on, this is raw nature.

You have to extra careful in case you got scratched by some branches. I feel like I was in the forests of Amazon river, nice delusion this place gives me. If you ever felt thirsty, no worries, there is clear streams all the way. It tastes very nice, cool and sweet. The taste you can only have from the mother nature.

After 3 kilometers of trekking in the woods, we come to a famous tourist attraction-Black Dragon Pool. It is wrapped with mountains from three sides, with a nice slim waterfall falling down.The water is so clear, I don’t see a single fish in it. There is a giant hole in the valley, where the Gold of Black Dragon is located, like mountain god. According to tradtional Chinese folks story, all great mountains live a god of the mountain.They bring peace to the people living around the area.

On our way back, there is a lovely bridge to the left. Someone tells me that road leads to the Peach Flower Valley, sounds very intriguing. Too sad we don’t have enough time for that, maybe some other time. The whole journey is a lot hard than other trips, but it definitely worth it. I would absolutely come here again if I had another chance.

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