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Xiaohe Danxia Landform Scenic Spot

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Yipin Danxia Scenic Spot, also known as Xiaohe Danxia Landform Scenic Spot, is located at the Xiaohe Township in the southwestern part of Youyang autonomous county of Tujia Nationality and Miao nationality in the Wu River region to the southeast of Chongqing, neighboring the Cheba village in Tonggu Township. The tourist attraction covers an area of about 20 square kilometers.

There's a succession of mountain ranges and valleys in deep elegant seclusion within the territory of the scenic area, creating the rural landscapes surrounded with the beautiful lake and hills. The fanciful Danxia landform with the reddish sandstones, the towering lonely hill, the fantastic mountains and picturesque rocks in an infinite variety of shapes, contrasted sharply and to each other's advantage with green forest, pretty waterfalls and babbling brooks, thus the Danxia landform here has been given more widely attentions for its extremely high ornamental and tourist value.

Visitors could enter into the scenic area along the riverbank. The typical red cliff landforms could stretch for hundreds of miles, and is highly praised by many local and foreign archeologists and visitors. The endless green bamboo and the thick forest and tall bamboos could form a magnificent picture, like a scroll of Chinese landscape of the unique Danxia morphologic landscapes painting including thousands of horses returning to the manger, Buddhist rock and the top of sedan chair.

The whole Beauty Spot has the green mountains rolling over one another, the bridges over flowing streams, the residents scattered randomly, sincere and honest residents, which had formed a "retreat away from the world." Xiaohe Danxia Landform Scenic Spot is a magnet for visitors. There's one natural picturesque cragged peak with about 300 meters high and about 100 meters wide stands on the Qingshui River bank, framed like one Buddhist, hence the name the Buddhist rock.

The bare crest of the hill stands among the dense forest. The bamboo grove, green leafy trees and the clear water could contrast finely with each other. There're dozens of mountain ranges that are broadly linked and relatively independent in the Taopo village, standing on either side of the Qingshui River together in great numbers. It got its name because it was framed like the pointed roof of the bridal sedan-chair in ancient times.

The top of the mountain with very small amounts of trees and grass is quite pointed. There're two pine trees leaning against each other at the top of the mountain, formed the green pointed roof of the bridal sedan-chair. The ruddy and smooth Danxia stones are set off under the tree, bursting with happiness. There're stately and upstanding green pine trees at the foot of the hill.

The Danxia Landform Scenic Spot is the only coexisting landscape of Danxia landforms and karst landforms in the hinterland of Wuling Mountain, also the only Danxia geologic park in the southeast of Chongqing and the largest one in the southwest zone of China. Xiaohe Danxia Landform Scenic Spot is blessed with its unique natural views and various humanity sights.

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