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Xijiang Qian Miao Village – Ethnic Miao Minority Habitant

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Driving straight to the heart of Lei gong Hill from Guiyang city, one has to cover 260 kilometer and you can reach to the picturesque location of Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village. The village is located on the north side Leigong Hill. The easiest way to reach to the village is from Kaili city, which is only 35 kilometer away. Kaili is the nearest transit city, which is the capital of Qiandongnam. Miao is an ethnic minority community in China and dense concentration of Miao community is gathered in this village. There is ten Miao ethnic villages exist in Xijiang town and their culture is well preserved in the village. In total 99.5% of the local people of the village belongs to Miao ethnic community.

Dwellings are spread over the valley:
The village is developed in the valley of the mountain by layer or layer, which are built so close to one other. The houses are wooden stilted in style and spread near to banks of the river - Baishui River. The banks of the river are connected with wind-rain bridges. The sunlight in the day radiates the wood board in to a shining red glare and in the evening the smoke released from the kitchen chimneys creates wonderful spiral images in the valley.

There are so many interesting things that inspire the tourists, which are The Mio Nationality Museum, the Singing and Dance Show, Two Streets, Original Lifestyle of Miao Nationality, The Panorama of the Village etc.

The Miao Nationality Museum: The museum is having eleven exhibition halls displaying the various aspects of Miao life ranging from their life style, their costumes, culture, attire, traditional practices and art etc. Each of the display items are written with explanations. You need to produce your village entrance ticket while visiting the museum.

The Singing and Dancing Show: There will cultural performance by Miao community members. Regular two performances will be staged and artists will be singing the old Miao songs and beautiful dance show follow in tune with the song. The first show will start about 11:30 am and the second show will start about 5:00 pm. There will be changes in the schedule of performances, so tourists are advised to check the timing of the show in advance.

Two Streets: The two main street of the village is known as the ancient street and the modern road namely Youfang Street. On the side of the pavement there are lots of food outlets, fast food shops and silver jewelry shops. This is an ideal location to shop for rare pieces of silver jewelries.

Original Lifestyle of Miao Nationality: Walking around the thoroughfare without any aim is the best thing, how you can get familiarized with city. You can walk around the narrow lanes and also around the wooden-stilted houses and mingle with the local communities. It would be good expereince to watch closely the local community’s life.

The Panorama of the Village: Climbing to the sightseeing platform let you give the wonderful opportunity for a panoramic view of the village. You can take magnificent pictures of the location. In the night, the scenario will be much more beautiful with colorfully illuminated paper lamps dangling from the eves of the houses.

Travel Tips:
You can select your journey from Guiyang or Kaili by bus. Regular buses are available. Train service is available from almost all major cities to Kaili. From Kaili you can hope on bus service or engage a taxi. Entry fee CNY 100 per head.

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