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Xiling Snow Mountain with a Natural Exquisite Beauty

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Xiling Snow Mountain is the national famous key scenic spot, which locates at Dayi County, Chengdu City in Sichuan Province. People are saying that its ecological environment is good and the natural scene is beautiful. It is about 95km distant from the Chengdu City. The overall measurement of Xiling Snow Mountain is about 482.8 square kilometers. It's listed as parts of the world natural heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The great mountain rises 5,164 meters above sea-level, and the everlasting snows of the mighty Xiling Snow Mountain takes its name from the renowned Chinese poet Du Fu who composed the famous poem "The window frames the western hills' snow of a thousand autumns, the gate anchors the ship coming from Kingdom of Wu." It's the highest mountain in Chengdu with perpetually snow-topped mountain peaks, verdant and lush forests and stretches of secluded lakes. Depending on beautiful landscape, Xiling Snow Mountain enjoys abundant tourist resources including the sea of clouds, sunrise, Virginia Bright Leaf, Sunshine of the Golden Hill and many more.

These famous tourist sites distribute in "the spring, summer, fall, and winter prosperity, the sleet clear cloudy respectively reveals wonderfully" in the Xiling Snow Mountain scenic spot. Forest-clad mountains and limpid streams present a southern tone with an attractive elegant demeanor. The green peace, clear air and casual pace of living have made the area become the ideal place to recuperate, spend holidays and travel. The mountain stands out against the sky, covered with snow all the year round. It becomes pure and white by the sunlight. It shines a brilliant, pearly white, filmy light, about as bright as the full Moon.

The picturesque scenery of the Xiling Snow Mountain more often than not has primeval forests as an inseparable companion. Many of the well-known scenic spots on the mountain contrast sharply and to each other's advantage with overhanging rocks and waterfalls. Among which the Yinyang Boundary is the most famous one, which is regarded as a sharp contrast between darkness and light. Inspired and stirred by the breath of creation, with the Yinyang balancing darkness and light. It may be fine and sunny one the side, while the thick clouds and mist is one the other side. Here was the great, mysterious scenery which was still a magnet for visitors. What they had seen only suggested its unique charms. The contrast between Yin and Yang is so sharp and changeable.

The mountain is carpeted with grass and jeweled with flowers from low altitude to high between March and August, with the blooming period being extended to five months. The great mountain with an inviting prospect is one great place to appreciate the scene which winding paths would lead you to serene sports, and flowers might stir you with their fragrance. The sight is delightful with its own uniqueness in all four seasons. You could also catch a sight of the mountain covered with a patch of gorgeous crimson leaves in autumn. Winter would surely be the best tourist season of the year.

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