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Xinghua of Jiangsu Province

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Xinghua is one of the four county-level  cities under the administration of Taizhou. It is located in the central part  of Jiangsu province, bordering the city of Yancheng to the north and east and  Yangzhou to the west. Spring is the best season to tour Xinghua, an ideal  destination for a getaway from your routine with 4-hour coach driving from  Shanghai.

Thousands Raised Field Scenic Resort


One of the most popular attractions in  Xinghua is the agricultural fields for canola flowers. There are thousands of  raised fields laying between countless canals, thus the name “land of thousands  of islands”. In dry season, local people dug out the mud in bottomlands and  piled the mud on higher places to form raised fields. This makes very unique  landscape features in spring, when the yellow canola flowers in the raised  fields are in full bloom. Fields covered with golden flowers stretch as far as  the eye can see and form seas of yellow buds. Because most of raised fields can  only be accessed by boat, it is one of its kind where you can enjoy the stunning  golden view while rowing a boat on the river. This is the paradise of photographers  in the month of March and has become a hot tourist spot in recent years.


Lizhong Water Forest Park


Located in the northwest of Xinghua  downtown, Lizhong Water Forest Park is an artificial wetland forest  crisscrossed with waterways. Covering a total area of 103.3 hectares, the park  is a haven for a lot of different species of birds, including owls, egrets,  black cuckoo, and wild ducks, most of them can be found along the water margins.  The majority of trees in the forest are pond cypresses planted in rows. There  are plenty of tracks for trekking and bird watching. The environment is  peaceful and the air is very fresh here. Admission fee is 80 RMB and includes a  20-minute punted raft ride which is propelled by a long pole. The raft takes  you to the more remote parts of the park, giving good photo opportunities.


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