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Xiuying Ancient Battery Haikou – A Multi Throng Busy Economic Center

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Haikou, whose former name is Haikou Pu, is the economic, transportation, political and cultural center in Hainan city. It is situated exactly in the north most corner of the Hainan Island, which is located in the north of Qiongzhou Strait. Haikou is across Leizhou Peninsula, the mainland of China. During the time of Ming dynasty, Haikou was reconstructed to provide more strength to the defense facilities in coastal areas. The Qing dynasty emperors also had repaired the constructed ones for more security.

The main significant forts that are prominent in the history of China are Xiuying Fort, Shanghai Wusong Fort, Tianjin Taku forts and Guangdong Humen Fort. People from different parts of the world visit these tourist destinations regularly to learn more about the culture and history of China. The costal forts built in late Qing Dynasty are well known across the globe. It acted as a strong coastal defense barrier. The Xiuying Fort as well as Haixiu Avenue and Xiuying Village are the spots must to be visited in China. In late nineteenth century, government of Qing dynasty in order to avoid the invasion by French army had ordered Qing dynasty army to take very careful and strict precautions in opposition to coastal ports.

Zhang Zhidong , the governor of Guangxi and Guangdong, on his visit to Haikou has ordered to construct the Xiuying Fort. On a small hill is this building of fort. It is nearly two hundred meters from coastal area. There are several ports close by which are bigger in size. Few are Beaconsfield, Dingxi three forts, Zhenwei two small forts and more. From east to west, five forts lie in a parallel straight line in northern part of the majestic Hu Shi Sea.

About 5 cannons were brought from artillery factory of German Krupp. In southeastern portion of fort, there is a control room which is behind the barracks and drill field. The whole region covers an area of thirty three thousand square meters. This Xiuying Fort is a very old grand spot with lots of military facilities. It possesses the ancient large-scale military facilities of China. The fort was in fact a great help to fight against the aggression of whole Chinese nation. It is recorded as a testimony in history of China. With the start of Sino-Japanese War in the year 1939, the army of Japan attacked the Hainan city. The real face of strong civilians, aggressors and soldiers were seen fighting the bloody battles. Xiuying cannons did roar the sky, beating all the invading Japanese force. It is recognized as a heroic, courageous and indomitable struggle of China. In the advanced era, with aggression against China by several foreign powers, there is increasing significance for military defense of Haikou area.

It can be visited any time. For the historical researchers, the spot is an important one! At present, Xiuying Fort is a significant spot that provincial government has officially announced as national defense education base and as provincial cultural relics protection units. 

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