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Yading Scenic Spot in Sichuan Province

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Yading Nature Reserve is located in the southeastern part of Daocheng County in Ganzi Prefecture of Sichuan Province. The main body of Yading Scenic Spot is three snowy peaks that are totally-separated yet not far from one another. These three peaks are the three fairy mountains. Yading Scenic Spot rises over 2,900 meters above sea level, which belongs to the altitude environment.

The landscape of Yading Scenic Spot is keeping the purity that almost vanished from the earth, which is praised to be the last piece of pure land on the watery blue earth by international friends. The major tourist attractions within the scenic spot are three fairy mountains, Mengzi Grand Canyon, Echu Mountain, Axigaoshan Park and so on, which are the paradise for photography enthusiasts.

Yading Scenic Spot belongs to the plateau monsoon climate, most of the time every year was clear and sunny. There're majestic steep crags on both banks of Mengzi Grand Canyon. All rivers at the bottom of the gorge fell tumbling down and fed the grass, with a thunderous roar. The two opposing cliffs could form the exceedingly strange animal features. The colorful fairy stories and popular legends could impute the living life to it.

Echu mountain is a Mongolian term for the gleaming mountain. Lamuge forestry zone in Echu Mountain is the largest forestry area in Daocheng County. Echu Mountain is gentle and flat with a wide expanse of forest. On the mountain is capricious. In the golden autumn season, ring upon ring of trees in Echu mountain tinted with deep red constitutes a beautiful scenery beyond words.

Just as its name suggests, ten thousand mountains flames with gorgeous azaleas in autumn, which were glinting in the sunlight. From the top of the Echu Mountain I have surveyed the faraway snowy peaks where the views are really spectacular.

Axigaoshan Park includes Axi stockade village that is protecting the simple and honest folk customs. Here you would have the opportunity to visit the working process of Axi manual earthenware and the venerable ruins of the famous Axi battle. On the vast unpopulated plains of Axigaoshan Park, there's a luxuriant growth of grass and a mass of blossom.

Here you could view acres of the forest in the lofty mountain, green like the screen, an alternation of three fiery red trees, patches of flowering azaleas and the expanse of verdant grass seems like a pleasant mat. The exquisite scenery is pleasing. The rippling and sparkling river was crystal and clean that meanders around the park.

From the river our eyes just ranged over the peaceful landscape of Sanguzhu Snow Mountain, which is only around the corner. Here everything was light and green that is the bounty of nature. Prayer banners, cairns of stones with scripture texts painted or carved on them, the stream twining through the forest, the aromatic grass and trees are seen everywhere. The brotherhood between human beings and harmonious coexistence of man and nature were as still and beautiful as dreaming.

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